Finding My Voice by G A Rosenberg

Finding my voice
It had gone undercover
in some village somewhere
It was pretending to belong to a goat herder
who found himself surprised
by utterances he had never imagined
and words that he had not used before
Still my voice found quiet wisdom
and the knowledge that silence need not be broken

From there my voice joined a protester
demonstrating, demanding, decrying
What exactly I am not sure
When asked, the next guy over just said
“The government” nodded sagely as if that
said it all and went on shouting
Still my voice learn that when joined with others in common purpose i
it grows stronger…

When next noticed, my voice
was chanting mantras
as an aspirant focused inward
approaching a stillness with words
First it echoed then grew ever more silent tho the chanting continued
Stilled with the knowledge that it could transport and transcend
my voice found its way home…

Cloud Gazing by G A Rosenberg

Cloud gazing
watching wisps of red purple fluff
dancing across the sun
shaping dreams and whims
as another day’s lights retreat

Crowd gazing
seeing people walk by
assuming shapes we give them
trying new maks on
as their day’s flight resumes

Naval gazing
letting thoughts flow by
dancing through my mind
Are my dreams shaped by whims
am my day’s night begins?