A Communication Method (January 2018)


Here is a way, depending on your intent, focus and outlook, to either improve the active imagination or to channel communication with various entities using either tarot cards or art:
A) Take a tarot card or piece of artwork depicting the entity with which you wish to communicate.
B) Study it and imagine that you are there in the picture with the spirit. In your mind’s eye, see them come alive.
C) Continue focusing, ask any questions you may have. Either hear their answers even if it is something that pops into your mind at the moment. Record these answers, either writing them down or speaking them into a recorder.
I am not suggesting that the answers you receive should be taken as a clear channeling. As with everything else, test the results, use whatever your preferred divinatory method is to
get further confirmation. As with any other practice, the more you practice it, the clearer the answers will come. Whether they come from the entity themselves, the version of them you carry with you, your imagination or some other source may be determined by you.


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Ailim (Silver Fir) by GAR


Egul-Cala by GAR


Night of Hekate by GAR


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