Tugging at the Veil


“The real men of Science are in absolute agreement that the advance in our knowledge, great as it has been, leaves us as ignorant of ultimate truth and reality as we were ten thousand years ago. The universe guards its secret: Isis can still boast that no man hath lifted her veil!”
— Aleister Crowley


Yet so many are so sure they know it all. I know that I’ve discussed this before yet in the last year I have discovered so many who believe that they know it all Why do so many believe the universe so small that they can have their own personal key to the truth. At most we can only get glimpses through Isis’s veil and those glimpses are always filled with error. We can only invoke the deities both within and without and gain just that much more gnosis and thus thin the veil if never fully uncover it. I find that there is always more awareness to be found a heartening prospect and hope that others do the same while realizing that these are but teasers.


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cave-awakeningCave Awakening by G A Rosenberg


twisted-landscapeTwisted Landscape by G A Rosenberg

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