Quote of the Day – November 12 2011

‎”When your heart is cleansed of everything you
think you are
you’ll see yourself as a beloved old soul”

A friend of mine on Facebook has talked quite a bit lately about awareness of what’s going on in the world and the importance of ‘knowing what time it is’ and more and more I’ve been agreeing with him. We do seem to be in the end stages of several long games as a species. We have come to a point where we need to rid ourselves of artifice and live more in accordance with nature. Many have been teaching themselves to do that more and more. How to farm organically, build sustainable houses and other skills necessary to survive outside of current society. Others agree with this in theory, they just want to finish that last Big Mac or catch the last 15 min of the game before they start.
Of course, many others seem unable to even look at how badly the scenery of modern society frays and how several of the struts seem close to collapsing. They will keep on maintaining what balance they can until things crumple around them. Some people belong to neither of the other groups. They have awareness of what goes on around them in the world and either refuse to acknowledge it has any more validity than anything else on this physical plane of existence or they have a deep belief that some other entities (alien, angel, deity or higher dimensional self depending on whom you talk to) will rescue us at the last minute if only we work on ourselves, our own inner powers, love and positivity enough)
Which group do I belong to? I seem to have elements of both the first (Slowly, too slowly at times, I have been aligning myself more with nature), the second (oh i’ve gone vegetarian and i eat healthier but their are definitely things I need to free myself from.) and the last (I do believe that spiritual evolution and natural balance can and will work hand-in hand..)
I also believe that in order to make things work when the collapse happens we need an understanding of each other’s relative values. We need to know not only what the time is for us but what it is for others as well.
— G A Rosenberg

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X-Wheel of Fortune by G A Rosenberg

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