Quote of the Day – February 18 2013

“It wasn’t until I was 37 that I grasped the great truth that you’ve got to write your own books and nobody else’s, and then everything followed from there.”
― William Golding


This quote has applications that go beyond books.  We cannot live another’s life no matter how they inspire us. We can’t improve them or make them worse, at most all we can do is live a strange parody of what we perceive them as doing. That isn’t to say that we can’t have heroes nor learn from the examples of others. Indeed sometimes it feels like I have done little else in my life but the journey we take is ultimately our own with our own unique perceptions of it. Somewhere on this blog is another quote that says that any path that we can see the beginning and the end of is not our path but that of another. Good thing that I’ve always liked forging my own trail
Blessings, G


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  1. Sometimes you follow footprints, others you make your own, follow wisely and make your own responsibily, others may step in those..looking ahead you reach your goals, looking behind you have lost your footprints..see them? no more..either those are filled or washed away..nothing remains forever any way.

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