A Judgement of Vampires


“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”
― Robert M. Pirsig


The din of a thousand words echoing
decrying each other’s faults
criticizing each other’s actions
feeding on the blood they sense in the wind
on the water
at their feet.
Yet in their mirrorless existences
for they cannot see their reflections
and will not reflect on their thoughts
except when echoed by others.
Unkind? Unjust? Unfair?
Perhaps only human
for am I not committing the sin
by naming it
by blaming it
by shaming it?
I will uncover my looking glass
and gaze into the water
and reflect on myself
and change from within
and evolve from without
and resolve to be kind
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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The Maze Reflects on Many LevelsThe Maze Reflects on Many Levels by G A Rosenberg


Enigmatic TotemEnigmatic Totem by G A Rosenberg


Two Women (Redux)


Dark clouds lay within
Outside cannot storm enough
to reflect her soul.


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Her Thoughts Stormy and Windtorn (Redux)Her Thoughts Stormy and Windtorn by G A Rosenberg


Her Past in Ashes
yet calmly she contemplates
a new way to be


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A New Day (Redux)A New Day by G A Rosenberg


People Watching at the Art Museum


“If only humans see humans
The same way artists see artworks,
Everybody is beautiful.”
— Jerico Silvers


I love going to art museums. The art is a source of constant inspiration. Lately in addition to the pictures, I have developed a new interest in the galleries. I love to watch the people looking at art.
I see the serious and thoughtful art students studying pieces they have seen only in books in rapt fascination.
I see others obviously bored looking at their phones and wishing they were anywhere else but even they will occasionally be grabbed by a particular painting or two. It is as if a new light shines in their eyes.
I see kids running and playing being herded by their parents and overly patient boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives somewhat vicariously enjoying their loved ones expressed interest. Each person is a work of art and study in contrasting emotion and mood. Each worthy of at least a passing glance.
Blessings, G


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In a Cave, SilentIn a Cave, Silent by G A Rosenberg


Fractal BelfryFractal Belfry by G A Rosenberg


In the Stars


“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”
― C.G. Jung


I wrote the following in response to a post by someone expressing their doubts about Astrology. I have read many arguments for and against the validity of Astrology and I find that often my chart when done by someone who is knowledgeable and intuitive gives me some remarkable insights both into myself and the cycles that I am currently going through:


From the point of view of hard science, astrology should not work. It is based on placement and shapes of constellations from quite a long time ago that don’t hold true. Vedic Astrology is a bit better in this regard from my understanding.
However, astrology and predictions (readings) from professional astrologers hits true much more often than random chance and statistics would have it.
I believe that this may be true because of the collective belief in astrology that each planet’s placement at any particular time has consistent meanings and consistent relationships with other planets. This collective belief has magically reshaped reality enough that you can look at someone’s chart and gain some insight into their personality and behaviours and be able to look at their chart in relationship to current positions and gain insight into the cycles that they are going through.
Newspaper horoscopes on the other hand tend to hold as much relationship to people’s lives as the average fortune cookie.

Blessings, G


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Brief SojournBrief Sojourn by G A Rosenberg


Midnight PrismMidnight Prism by G A Rosenberg


Last Call — Semi Inspired Goofiness


“The more you reason the less you create.”
— Raymond Chandler


I am sitting down so I will not stand to reason. If not unhinged, I have the hinges on my mind reversed so that it opens outward to let the tired thoughts out. Soon I may be empty and yet I still feel stuffed. Inner residue of lost dreams parade as they head towards the exit. Some are louder than others but then there are always those last few guests that stay just a little too long at any party. At least one or two have helped carry out the empties and swept up a bit tho the lights are still on and the DJ is still putting away his equipment. Once all is silent something new may grow from the emptiness. Perhaps a poem or image will work its way through. Tomorrow I shall be open again to new thoughts but tonight’s endeavours are at an end. Farewell coherence, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.
Blessings, G


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Magical ThinkingMagical Thinking by G A Rosenberg


The Storm's EyeThe Storm’s Eye by G A Rosenberg


Flames, Death, Wisdom and a Well


“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche


Another poem by my friend James Adams tonight for your enjoyment:




Assisi wrote with praise and hymn
Of distant sun
And mighty twin
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


Thy cold embrace
‘Neath mask of moon
The rictus chord
Of crimson tune
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


Of you foretold
My eyes to pale
No flailing limb
‘Gainst you prevail
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


With fleeting beat
My heart to still
In silent weep
And dreamy chill
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


With laughing dance
In mortal coil
Of ripened bones
To till thy soil
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


O lovers kiss dwell not too long
Soon speak no word
Soon sing no song
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


With sweet reward
And far off call
Inexorable tread
In end
In thrall
O hail to thee my sister
My sister bodily death


Deliverance grant
From tragic plight
No falsity borne
Of will o’wisp light
O hail to thee my sister
My sister of bodily death


No truth can match
Your deadly fact
No sin
No glutton
Nor dreadful act
O hail to thee my sister
My sister bodily death


With praise to thee
And life on lease
An Instant fear
Forever peace
O hail my sister
With maidens breath
O hail to thee my sister
My sister bodily death
– James Adams

<h4 Blessings, G


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Centre of WisdomCentre of Wisdom by G A Rosenberg


Oraccular WellOracular Well by G A Rosenberg


A Presence Like the Wind


“Live fast, die old, and make very sure everyone knows you were there.”
— Alan Cox


There is something to be said for fame or even infamy but when its all over I would rather be like the wind. Most people only recognize the wind in passing tho they may feel thankful for the cool breeze. Others may find the wind overwhelming as a storm topples buildings and trees remarkable not for itself but for the reminder that little is permanent. The wind communicates music and whispers of those who are close to us. The wind lifts up kites and occasionally hopes. People need not know I was there as long as for some I made a difference.
Blessings, G


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Creating AnewCreating Anew by G A Rosenberg


Flame KeepFlame Keep by G A Rosenberg


Choice, Responsibility, Authenticity and Fate (A Question From a Friend)


“A new idea is delicate. It can be killed by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a quip and worried to death by a frown on the right man’s brow.”
— Ovid


What do the words choice, responsibility, authenticity, and fate mean to you? At a personal level?


Choice- Something I make every moment of every day.
I am responsible and accountable for the choices I make and their consequences. I may bitch about the results all I want. I can rationalize how my choices were inevitable given my upbringing, my culture etc yet especially at the point of life I am at now. I am responsible for recognizing how much each of those things play into my choices.
Fate is the pattern of our lives. It is the path of least resistance and can be altered.
The more my choices and words reflect my true self, beyond influences of my past or my culture or even my mood, the more I am being authentic.


There is a word in there that you missed, – Accountable.
It is close to responsibility but not quite the same.
When we screw up our choices for any of the above reasons, we still have to say “I screwed up” and try to make it right if possible or at least own up to it. We can’t merely hide it away or blame it on ways we have been abused etc. These are our choices. We have made them. To blame them on anyone or anything else is to give away our power.


Blessings, G


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Caught in the Spider's WeavingCaught in the Spider’s Weaving by G A Rosenberg


Energizing the HelixEnergizing the Helix by G A Rosenberg