Objective Existance (April 2018)


“All the Dark Gods are potential patterns in the psyches of all man, yet in each individual man some of these patterns are activated (energised or developed) and others are not. Carl Gustav Jung used the formation of crystals as an analogy to help explain the difference between archetypal patterns (which are universal) and activated archetypes (which are functioning in us). An archetype is like the invisible pattern that determines what shape and structure a crystal will take when it does form. Once the crystal actually forms, the now recognisable pattern is analogous to an activated archetype.”

–Hagur, Becoming Another God


By this I don’t believe Hagur is saying that that the Dark Gods do not have an objective reality as well as a subjective. I believe that they definitely have an objective existence outside of ourselves. Tho about the only way that we can make any kind of connection with the objective spirits (whether they be deity or demon) is by first activating the archetypal reflection of them within ourselves. The more we strengthen that the more we establish a gateway with the being we wish a connection with.


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Aeonic Exhalations (redux) by GAR


Gaining Insight by GAR


Warped Perceptions (April 2018)


In order to overcome our defective powers of perception we must be willing to abuse them until they break.”
— Lon Milo DuQuette


To tear apart perception
to see beyond the shell
of false reality
and get a glimpse of what lies beyond
Crack the imagery
of your ‘perfect’ world
annihilate each thought
with its opposition
Impose madness to reach
a higher sanity
Call upon the ones
who will warp your senses
and thank them
for their discomforting comfort


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Stygian Depths by GAR


Comfort and Guidance (redux) by GAR

Journey to the Nightside (April 2018)


“The journey to the nightside of awareness is foremost an alteration in the states and functions of consciousness. Profane routine gives way to initiatic trance. The whole spectrum of awareness is of course far more vast than the narrow band of waking perception; the ability to deliber­ately shift the reference point of consciousness into novel regions of this spectrum is one technical way of describing the trans-dimensional and trans-æonic otherworld journeys which the initiated magician may wish to embark upon. Nevertheless, the conclusion that these altered states of consciousness somehow ‘are’ the otherworld is esoterically erroneous. This is the case just as it would be a mistake to propose that the shift of consciousness from waking to dreaming to sleeping necessarily involves either a real inscension solely into the subjective realms of consciousness, or an actual projection into other dimensions. Rather, a change in state of awareness simply reconfigures the apparatus of perception in a novel way without actually accomplishing anything else at all. This, however, grants it usefulness where occult matters are concerned. The practitioner skilled in changing his or her state of awareness has the ability to vastly increase the number of options and possibilities able to be consciously accessed in a given situation. Similarly, he has the capacity to perceive a great deal more than someone with a comparatively restricted range of awareness. The capability for ‘abyssal navigation’ is indispensable in æonic and trans-æonic operations as well as any Quest for initiation, particularly a solitary one, since the solitary initiate has to become both cartographer and guide.”
–Victor Voronov, Liber Nigri Solis


I may wander in dark woods without becoming lost even if I never return back to my starting place. As long as I travel these roads I will follow the signposts of others as I carve my own in words and images. Tho I meet others on the road, even travel with them for a time I will forge my own way. I will share what I know and ask them the same until our roads divide. I embrace the madness and terror of the journey and I find my way.


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Burgeoning Awareness (Redux) by GAR


Shadows and Transformation (April 2018)


Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.
–Richard Bach


Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.”
–Carl Jung


The way I reworded the first quote last night was
“When you stop arguing for your limitations, they disappear”. BY limitations I don’t mean practical physical limitations (such as believing that one can eventually grow wings and fly or can live without food or water) but the self-imposed limitations we put on ourselves in our daily lives.
Recently I discovered that a limitation that I believed I had was in actuality self-created. I believed, despite some evidence to the contrary that I was unable to have any sense of any spiritual presences (whether deific or demonic) other than the channeling that occurred with my art. I repeated this fact to several people and became convinced of it. Then I started getting ‘intuitive’ insights into how I could improve my technique and changed up both the rituals I was using and how I went about them.
Shortly after I did this, I did an invocation and then sat down and started typing and what came through, in both style and substance was very different than my normal style of writing. As questions came up in my mind, the answers came through in what I was typing on the screen. Since then there has been more and more evidence that my invocations have been successful.
If I had settled for the self-imposed limit (considering the gift that my creating art has been, it never seemed like a bad trade-off) I would not have tried different techniques to go beyond it.


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Forces Converged in Her Self Transformation (redux) by GAR


Abyssal Shadows by GAR


Nocturnal Goddess (April 2018)


The Welcome unto the Goddess
Honour I give to the Hecate, Blessed am I in your presence.
Thaks I give unto thee Mighty Queen of Hell;
I Call forth thy Power and thy Guidance;
The Teachings of Goddess and Horned GOd;
Light the Torch of Gnosis Dark Lady;
The Path of Hecate Illumined;
Through Elven Blood and Dark Wich Night.
–Mark Alan Smith


“The goddess is red with the fire of life; the earth, the solar system, the galaxies of far-extending space all swell within her womb. For she is the world creatrix, ever mother, ever virgin. She encompasses the encompassing, nourishes the nourishing, and and is the life of everything that lives.
“She is also the death of everything that dies. The whole round of existence is accomplished within her sway, from birth, through adolescence, maturity, and senescence, to the grave. She is the womb and the tomb: the sow that eats her farrow. Thus she unites the ‘good’ and the ‘bad,’ exhibiting the two modes of the remembered mother. The devotee is expected to contemplate the two with equal equanimity.”
–Joseph Campbell


She whispers in my ear and speaks in my dreams. I have awareness of her even when I don’t directly feel her presence. She is there in my choices and in my understanding and now I will seek her more often


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From Her Lunar Tower by GAR


The Night Is Hers (Redux) by GAR


Gnosis and Influences (April 2018)


“All phenomena are real in some sense, unreal in some sense, meaningless in some sense, real and meaningless in some sense, unreal and meaningless in some sense, and real and unreal and meaningless in some sense.”
— Robert Anton Wilson


I agree with this but would also say that all phenomena are also meaningful in some sense. After all might as well have two sets of paradoxes as one.
The truth is that since we ascribe (realize, know and discover) whatever meaning there is to what we experience, it is as likely as not that we will find meaning in any given phenomena. When we experience the result of a ritual, say an evocation or invocation, what we hear, learn or realize might be either personal, something that we can use or it may be some greater gnosis that will resonate with others. We can find immediate use for what we learn or it may take some time to figure out its relevance if any.
When we share what we learn, other people may find that it clicks with their own gnosis or that it goes against it. They will ascribe their own meanings.


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Baneful Influences by GAR


Creating a New Form by GAR


Seasonal Piece and Tree Destruction (April 2018)


“Magick is not an area of study, nor is it an aspect of self – it is the power of the soul being employed to action; to live and to act on a higher plane, shaping the lower world of flesh as one desires.”
–Somnus Dreadwood


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Puppet Show B (Redux) by GAR


Devouring the Tree by GAR


Dark Inspiration (March 2018)


“But there is a third aspect of genius which is yet more rare. It is the ability to open the door of the theatre and admit the influences from outside, from the swarming gulfs beyond the grasp of the mind, and accessible only to the magical entity whose fantastic feelers can snare the most fugitive impulses as they flash through the holes in space, the kinks in time, to be reflected in the magic mirror of the artist’s mind.”
― Kenneth Grant


Echoes, Drops, Shifts
That line goes there
shift that layer 90 degrees
alter the colours
use that filter
see it appear
now that you see it
grasp it
make it appear to others
the right colour
until the intention is complete


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Silent Voice (redux) by GAR


Will to Destroy by GAR


Awakening Shadows (March 2018)


The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.
— Howard Phillips Lovecraft.


I seek not to comfort
but to be a gardener
planting dark seeds
awakening the shadow within
inspiring deeper understanding
of our inner world
and what dwells there in the depths


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Faces of Transition (redux) by GAR


Random Sacrifice


Notes From the Shadows (March 2018)


““Confrontation with the shadow produces at first a dead balance, a standstill that hampers moral decisions and makes convictions ineffective or even impossible. Everything becomes doubtful, which is why the alchemists called this stage nigredo,”
-Carl Jung


When we learn our depths and explore them, judging the depths of others, except possibly in how it may or may not inconvenience us or in how it may or may not make their lives work for them becomes difficult. In the end tho, it is not as much a matter of morals but of ethics. What is my code of honour that I will not violate? What will I accept in others? It is by that process that we become sovereign individuals as opposed to people following any code dictated from outside themselves


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Vampyric Abstraction by GAR


Necroscopy by GAR