Objective Existance (April 2018)


“All the Dark Gods are potential patterns in the psyches of all man, yet in each individual man some of these patterns are activated (energised or developed) and others are not. Carl Gustav Jung used the formation of crystals as an analogy to help explain the difference between archetypal patterns (which are universal) and activated archetypes (which are functioning in us). An archetype is like the invisible pattern that determines what shape and structure a crystal will take when it does form. Once the crystal actually forms, the now recognisable pattern is analogous to an activated archetype.”

–Hagur, Becoming Another God


By this I don’t believe Hagur is saying that that the Dark Gods do not have an objective reality as well as a subjective. I believe that they definitely have an objective existence outside of ourselves. Tho about the only way that we can make any kind of connection with the objective spirits (whether they be deity or demon) is by first activating the archetypal reflection of them within ourselves. The more we strengthen that the more we establish a gateway with the being we wish a connection with.


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Aeonic Exhalations (redux) by GAR


Gaining Insight by GAR


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