Four Pillars Society Tarot: The Chariot (Energy’s Will)

Notes on The Chariot (Energy’s Will)


Four Pillars Society Tarot by Gary Rosenberg (GAR) and Nyxsaurius Fallsong

Artist’s Notes on the Card:
Over an empty arena, a skeletal figure drives a chariot pulled by two dragons facing different ways. Now, one may wonder what connection this has with the Chariot’s usual meaning of outer control of the circumstances of one’s life. This can be explained quite simply. Full control of one’s life is a momentary illusion that is often shattered in the next moment.
Don’t get me wrong. We become more and more adept at handling the various areas of our day-to-day existence. It’s just that existence is ever-changing and what we actually develop are the skills to adapt to the changes that come our way and the ability to function within the shifting chaos. Those who cannot learn to adapt may easily fall prey to psychological disorders while those who are the most adaptable and able to seize the reins of change will lead happier and more successful lives.
About the Archetype:
When we are ready to leave home and make our own way in the world we feel triumphant. We have made it through the trials of adolescence and feel unstoppable. In the best cases, we are armoured in the love and support of our family (or family of choice) and community and feel more than up to any challenges that life may throw us on a material level. This is an example of the Chariot force in action. The Chariot represents that feeling of taking charge in life through the use of will. The Driver does not need reigns to direct the two horses pulling his chariot. Even tho they may be drawn in two different directions, he controls his movement forward through the use of his will. He has confidence that he will succeed in his endeavours and that the world is his to make of it what he will. The victories that he has gained in developing this control give him the knowledge that he can conquer anything in his path.
The Chariot also represents the vehicle in which we move. This could be considered on many levels whether it be our bodies, our cars, or our spirit. Our vehicles serve as both protection and propulsion. They are how we move through the world and how we handle them can be a symbol for how we handle the externals in our life. We may be pulled in different directions as we experience the seeming contradictions of life (shown by the two horses facing different directions) but it is our will that directs our vehicle the way we wish it to go.
Astrological Correspondence:
Cancer(♋︎)-The Cancer energy feels safest in its home environment. It is a nurturing and emotional energy tho prone to moodiness. Cancer’s planetary ruler is the Moon and its moods can be almost tidal in their nature. Cancer has a great drive to see things through but can withdraw into its own shell much like its symbol the crab. Also like the crab, Cancer can make a home for itself anywhere it goes without having to rely on others. It also has the ability to project that feeling of home to those around them to make a loving caring space for them. At its best (i.e. when it is feeling most secure) there is little that Cancer cannot accomplish.
In a reading:
When the Chariot turns up in a reading it often indicates success in the matter at hand. A victory has been one and the querent has control of the situation. In matters of dispute, it does not necessarily mean that all sides have reached a full agreement as much as they have due to the querent’s efforts agreed to work together towards a common goal. Since so much of the victory depends on the querent’s own confidence and personality, he must continue to remain focused on the situation until it has reached its conclusion. The card may also refer to a current struggle for control that the querent finds themselves in. It may be one where there is a pull in several different directions and it is up to the querent to determine which solution is optimal and to sell it using their own confidence and personality. The Chariot may also refer to a need for the querent to reign in or learn to use their natural aggressiveness to better effect. It may also indicate an upcoming journey.
Reversed or Badly Aspected, the Chariot can often mean that a situation has gotten out of the querent’s control. It may feel like they are being pulled by several different opposing forces and they cannot get it together to decide which way they want to go. It may be that their natural charisma and force of personality is not working for them the way it has in the past and they need to learn a new way of pulling things together. It can often be a time where discipline and focus are being called for. The reversed chariot can also mean that the querent has to let go of the need to be in control of every situation. It may be a time when they have to learn to let go and let someone else make the decisions for a while.
Fate’s Whisper:
Two dragons pull a chariot encouraged only by death urges. In dragonic practice, death becomes a tool to transform and become better.
It was only after the second existence the force of death was created. It was born from a singular word that nearly drove the dragons to extinction. The Word of Power Death started the process of life and death. In many ways, you could say this became the ultimate control mechanism, as before this the dragons had nothing to fear so nothing held value.
Without a potential risk, nothing truly has value. Seeing the aspect as strong as dragons driving death forward to bring change in their wake. Wild by nature but wise enough to use this absolute force to grow even further. So what will you do as death chases you? Evolve or Rot?

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