A Swim in my consciousness stream

So decided to recreate what goes through my mind when I am at the gym on a typical day….not included are thoughts about weight, reps exercises and sets or random mammalian thoughts about the attractiveness of other people at the gym.

The fnords are real but not literal…”unique reality”…I had to stop free-associating when they started charging by the thought… chronologically older = different reference points and markers.. .Alice in Wonderland was a shamanic journey … the queen of hears represented the establish order– anything that interfered “Off with their heads”. Humpty-Dumpty -general semanticist – “When I use a word it means exactly what i want it to mean” — The caterpillar was the Hierophant (or guide) One side of his mushroom makes you larger –another makes you small — “You’re nothing but a deck of cards” — Time moving at different rates — If symbol was reality and words were real, what would we surround ourselves with? –The map reflects the territory reflects the map — they resonate together– sympathetic magic — I am a spot on the map yet the territory is contained within me–curiouser and curiouser–It’s all one and all a dream–masks & layers = maps & territories = symbols and reality–the only real currency we have is attention–

Hope you enjoyed the dip

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