The Emperor Reading

Continuing on with the spreads for each of the Major Arcana trumps suggested by Rachel Pollack in her book Tarot Wisdom.:

1)How am I an Emperor King of Pentacles RWPentaclesKing
2) How am I not an Emperor? King of Wands (Reversed) King of Wands
3) Where do I need to take charge? King of Cups (Reversed) King of Cups
4)Who Will Help Me Do This? 2-The High Priestess(Reversed)</strong RW_HighPriestess
5) How am I weak? Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) Knight of Pentacles
6) How am I strong? 5-The Hierophant RWhierophant
7) What are the rules? 3-The Empress (Reversed) 3-The Empress

Interpretation (or at least definitions)

How am I an Emperor? K of Pentacles“Successful, Secure with wealth and possibly honor and likes it that way””Alexander the Great””benefactor for a project…focuses on material things with satisfaction and pride rather than selfishness or obsessioni would wonder if this is talking about family background? I do know thats not all of it

How am I not the Emperor? K of Wands (Rev)“Tested or in anyway confined, he may react angrily..difficult circumstances may cause him to doubt himself uncharacteristically” well, to quote Groucho “That certainly sounds like me”

Where do I need to take charge?K of Cups (Rev)“blocked creativity, frustration””misuses power” “Coming out with anger or fear revealing long hidden feelings” Again, pretty clear, I need to keep myself creating, deal with things as they come up,express doubts, etc

What will help me do this? High Priestess (Rev)“must get involved in the world especially if one has spent time away” “this card can remind us to be passionate and commit ourselves to something community building, teaching, giving advice .

How am I weak? Knight of Pentacles (Rev)</strong “inertia-allowing others to take advantage. can also indicate taking more chances”> ’nuff said>

How am I strong? Hierophant (Rev)“Unorthodoxy rejects path laid out by society or family and goes his or her own way. Freedom but with freedom comes the responsibility of choosing wisely “

What are the rules?The Empress (Rev) “Reversed the Empress becomes more cautious or more thoughtful”

Both of the last two seem rather obvious but as with the Empress reading where i had trouble figuring out the connections, here they seem too obvious so if anyone wants to comment or otherwise message me to give me insight–it would be appreciated.

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