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Pinched Feet


“The Shoe that Fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases”
— Carl Jung


2016 was both a year of growth and a year of confusion for me. In some ways I realized more of my ambitions than I have before. Yet I find myself with less definition of conviction than ever before. This was at least partially due to my reaction to the US Presidential election. It seems people were so polarized and had definite feelings of the rightness of their case. So many of these reactions seemed and still do unreasoned. I found myself growing more and more uncomfortable with the polarization that has been happening. People seem to be using their opinions to justify bad behaviour on both sides and there is little willingness to either challenge one’s own beliefs (something which is one of the few rules I have for myself) or be open to those of others. People justify their beliefs not because they have tested them and won out but because they can find them mirrored in the beliefs of almost all of their friends and social media acquaintances. I regret having to say this but if all of your friends agree with your political views no matter what they are, you need to widen your circle of friends.


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reflecting-inner-skies-reduxReflecting Inner Skies (Redux) by G A Rosenberg


manifesting-the-elks-spiritManifesting the Elk’s Spirit by G A Rosenberg


Where Have I been?

I know I haven’t been around much this year. I decided to take time off from writing and focus on my family, creating new art, studying and ritual work. This blog has become a rather barren field of late but in 2017 I intend to make up for it. In the days leading up to it. I will share the artwork I have done since I was here last.



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Concentric MemoryConcentric Memory by G A Rosenberg


Dreams of Ordered FireDreams of Ordered Fire by G A Rosenberg


Rings of Purple SmokeRings of Purple Smoke


Lots of art will be posted over the next few days so stick around