Quote of the Day – December 25 2012

“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Dear Spirit of the Season (commonly known as Santa),
What an amazing year it’s been since we’ve last talked. Thank you so much for the magic that I found in my stocking last Christmas morning. It was a small thing but watered with Dreams and Intent grew into a wonderful fire of the imagination.
It allowed me to imagine myself inside the heads and hearts of others and taught me further lessons on the difference between sympathy and compassion and how to truly help others.
It taught me to see the world in different ways than I was raised to see it and how to break free of my conditioned upbringing and understand the world that much better..
It allowed me to stretch my mind to accept that many more views of how the world work and look at each of them critically
It gifted me with the ability to convey my visions in art and writing….
So for this and many gifts that came from that one seed of imagination
I can’t wait to see what comes this year…
Some requests:
Greater understanding felt by all. Sometimes feeling understood is all that’s needed to be able to give it to others.
That everyone at some time feel hugged and loved at least once a day.
That the world leaders smarten up and step down and the world’s followers realize that they don’t need leaders.
Most of all that we realize we’re all in this together
Blessings, G

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Solstice with the triple goddessSolstice Campfire With The Triple Goddess by G A Rosenberg
Journey Mandala
Journey Mandala by G A Rosenberg

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  1. Shadow and darkness is the absence of light. Love is Light. Where there is light, there is love, hope and dreams being created and manifested.

    In believing that light casts a shadow is a duality illusion. We have to learn to get out of duality. It is time to create new phrases, new sayings and new thoughts.

    In lighting a candle, the flame ‘reveals/exposes’ the ‘dark’ and we keep on burning the love, light and flames within us. Our own universe within us, is the ’emptiness’ and it is the zero point where our attention is needed. By being the love that we are, we light our own universes where we are free to design, create and manifest our dreams of hope, love and everything else beyond our wildest dreams.

    There is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. Darkness is nothingness where we begin our creation. That’s where our true ‘work’ begin.

    Those who dwells in the ‘dark’ are those who are ‘afraid’ of who they originally are. They are originally of the light. The many eons of ‘playing’ in the dark kept them in the extreme energy of the dark where they ‘hide’ all their illusionary ‘personas’. These beings chose to stay in the ‘extreme’ without balance and they have chosen to stay in the dark where they can hide and play without feeling ‘responsible’ for their deeds. They keep on ‘running’ and ‘hiding’ from themselves.

    No one is looking for them as it is their own responsibility to bring themselves towards the light and God wouldn’t fail them. They still possess the spark of God within them. They only have to learn to work and fight for themselves, to be free of duality, to be free from the ego of fear.

    It is what it is for they have chosen.

  2. You wrote those lines to Santa but posted on air, it got read by so many eyes and they added up their’s dream,request, wishes and the list became long and longer to read. When, it reached Santa..He had to evaluate the deeds, some had wished more than others in need. So, Santa called the reindeer to help him sort out, what to give who and what was it all about :)) Your request to Santa, has reached the top I see..mine didn’t make it..for I didn’t do much nice deeds. Perhaps, next time I can try once again, if I fail..and efforts go in vain . I will ask, Santa to give you whatever you want, I can not have it but you deserve the magical wand 🙂

  3. True, deep and beautiful words and I love Solstice Campfire – close to my Druidic heart. I have fallen far behind in my blog readings so I’m too late to wish you Christmas joy but I can be Early to wish you a peaceful, happy and creative New Year. All the very best to you Gary…J.

    1. Thank you so much and a healthy and joyous New Year to you as well. (I have also been remiss on both my reading of blogs and my answering of comments but am catching up today 🙂

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