Quote of the Day – January 6 2012

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
–Carl Jung


Who do you trust with your dark side?  I want people to see me at my best and most positive. There are relatively few people I feel safe enough to show my shadow, my ignorance, my dark and negative side. Why? What am I afraid of ? If Jung is right, doesn’t it work in reverse, by showing other’s my darkness, I allow them to encounter their own shadow? My claim up to now is that I don’t wish to offend but in reality isn’t it that I have not yet found the courage to do so? Do I really have that much fear that mommy will slap me for saying the wrong thing?
It seems of late as if I have been given more and more pieces of myself. Not all of them are pretty
Blessings, G

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Page of Swords

Tarot – Page of Swords by G A Rosenberg

All manner of things be Wheel


All Manner of Things Be Wheel by G A Rosenberg

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  1. dark side nowadays is much advertised, but awaits the right group ..where dark side is the pass for entry into this world..the dark side of the under world..not really under..lurking beneath a cover..like a dragon..

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