“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”
― Roger Crawford


Lessons Loom Large. We get tested and refined in the fire of life. Sometimes it seems so hard and despair seems to come easy. We go to a dark place and carry it around inside of us. Reality has kicked us in some of our most tender spots, the spots where we erected towers which we thought impregnable but were really constructed of tissue paper and now they crumble in the rain. That’s ok though. That they would one day crumble was inevitable. At the core what’s left is what we started with. We have our divine beings, now armed with the gift of knowledge and hard won wisdom that we did not have before. From this we can build anew. Perhaps we will make another soft edifice, fated as before to crumble but it will be made out of the truer substance of our newly refined being. The important thing is to keep rebuilding for what we are truly building is always a purer more complete being.
Blessings, G


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Robot City BluesRobot City Blues by G A Rosenberg


Black Light MemoriesBlack Light Memories by G A Rosenberg

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