Fortunate First Steps


“Fortunate are those who take the first steps.”
― Paulo Coelho


To change and grow takes courage. All too often we believe that we will change instantly just by wishing it to be so. That is an important step to be sure. Tho it is only the starting step. Next comes the actual doing of the change, the steps needed to make it work.
Say for instance, we want to change our habit of procrastination. We make goals for ourselves that we will see a few projects through to the end. We then have to work towards achieving the goals. Perhaps we decide that for 15 minutes a day we will do something that we have been putting off for awhile. Call and make the appointments we’ve been putting off. Research or write the next page or poem. Meditate. Baby steps are ok. If we can do just that one thing each day that brings us closer to achieving what we want and get into that habit,we will quickly find ourselves progressing. It’s those continual fortunate first steps that build the momentum to bring us success.
Blessings, G


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