Embracing Our Completer Selves


“We live with our archetypes, but can we live in them?”
— Poul Anderson


Who are we? Who do we want to be? Are we the businessman / Emperor archetype who somewhat benevolently brings order to our underlings existence? Are we the rebel / Punk who wants everything torn down? Are we an artist or a Mother Nature expanding in self expression? Do we try so hard to live inside our chosen archetypes that we deny expression to other aspects of ourself that run counter to them? What parts of ourselves do we keep hidden in the shadows because they don’t fit our internal image of who we should be?
In my experience, the more we make ourselves into something that only partially represents, the more we deny our own identities. We can’t defeat our shadow by denying it, it will always win in the end. It is only by embracing everything that we are, giving it all full expression that we can fully self-actualize and truly know what our purpose in life may be.
Blessings, G


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SerpentSerpent by G A Rosenberg


Celling out (Abstract)Celling Out by G A Rosenberg


The Serpent and the Sword (Botis)The Serpent and The Sword (Botis) by G A Rosenberg

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