Choosing Who We’ll Be


“Within my right hand is allness, within my left – nothingness. Crumbling both within my fingers there shall spring forth all the yous in thatness, or not, as I so will. Belief is the lever and fulcrum to lift the world- to shift the axis of being”
— Austin Osman Spare


Who we are is a constant combination of who we have been and who we can be. We choose who we are at any given moment from a combination of everything we have experienced or learned and the infinite wellspring of possibility that is at our core. We have the power to decide who we will be tho much of our decisions are preprogrammed responses from our limbic brain and robot selves. Still if we have both mindfulness of our responses , we can break that programming. It starts with the belief that we can. It’s not easy and at times we screw it up but that’s the amazing thing about us humans. We keep trying no matter how many times we err.
Blessings, G


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Reflecting Inner SkiesReflecting Inner Skies by G A Rosenberg


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