Filling the Empty Places


“I make art, sometimes I make true art, and sometimes it fills the empty places in my life. Some of them. Not all.”
— Neil Gaiman


I toss not coins but concepts into the well of my being. Sometimes I hear a click as they connect with pieces that came before. Other times I hear an echo as memories are stirred tho some are distant. Sometimes tho there is neither click nor echo but a silence. The tossed concept has reached an empty place and a lack has been revealed. Is it a lack in my being or a lack in my knowledge. The latter is easily remedies but the former itches at my very soul. I must feel around the spaces like a tongue exploring a loose tooth. The best way for me to do this is often to explore it in my art and my writing. Sometimes this leads unexpected dividends either in the knowledge it brings or in the exposure of my own ignorance. Other times tho it means that I have found a space where dragons dwell and I must explore it carefully.
Blessings, G


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She Stands Between RealmsShe Stands Between Realms by G A Rosenberg


Sense of BeingSense of Being by G A Rosenberg


BeseechingBeseeching by G A Rosenberg


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