Notes on: Ace of Cups

(Seed of Time and Water)

Artist’s Notes:
How do we measure the beginning of time? This was before the separation of the waters and all was time’s river with past, present and future existing together as one complete undifferentiated energy. When this seed came into existence time began and the waters flowed in duration. The present moment forever springs from the past and leads into the future.
With time, the beings that existed began to feel. They felt either pride, regret or acceptance of the past and hope or despair for the future. They loved or hated, rejoiced or feared. Only with time can our emotional natures develop.
Cups carry the idea of communion and community. How we deal with others (those mirrors of ourselves) can be an indication of how we deal with our own desires and needs. An old friend once gave me the key to understanding the difference between wants and needs. When we want something we are uncompromising. “I want it and I want it now. I want it this way, not that way!” When we need something, on the other hand, we are willing to get it any way we can. “I need it, I’ll do anything. It’s ok if it’s tainted just give me some now” Knowing this distinction has helped me a lot in my journeys and it is pertinent in relation to this suit.
The Element associated with cups is water. The element of water represents our emotional natures. Our moods tend to be tidal in nature with a constant ebb and flow. They can be calm and reflective or as stormy as a Tsunami.
About the Archetype:
The suit of cups in the tarot represents love and our emotional natures. How open are we to receiving that which is offered? What conditions do we place on love and how are we in a relationship? The ace of cups (like the other aces) is a seed that contains within it all of the healing and renewal that love can bring. How ready for it are we? Can we drink deep from the cup offered or do we reject it either because we mistrust what is offered or we fear where this new road can lead? The Holy Grail in Arthurian legend healed the land until it was misused and taken for granted. How willing are we to be healed?
Astrological Correspondent:
The Cups are linked with the element of water which represents the medium and currents through which our beings flow. It is the part of us most malleable and able to adjust and shape itself to its environment and thus the aspect that is most easily influenced by those around us. It contains the ebb and flow of our beings and moods, our tides, our hunger, and our satiety, our scarcity and abundance, our love and our hate. The three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
In a Reading:
When the Ace of cups, shows up in a reading, it may represent new love being offered. This can come from another or it can come from within. It often represents a new period of potential joy. It may also indicate new abundance or happiness coming into our lives.
When reversed or badly aspected, the Ace of Cups can indicate a blockage to this renewal. What is stopping us from accepting what is offered? What connection are we not allowing to happen?
Fate’s Whisper:
“The Fish of Time was formed right after the Dragon of Reality. She gave motion to a once-frozen frame. Though motion became her obsession none were as stubborn as her. She could heal any wound regardless of the form it took. Inevitably it is her motive to ensure reality evolved into something greater. Though that is where we stop for now after all you will heal in time regardless of which current you ride.”

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