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Let the Madness Show


“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”
— Allen Ginsberg


Don’t you sense it? That feeling that no only are you different than everybody else but that if people were aware of your difference they’d think you were crazy? Oh maybe not locked up danger to yourself or to others but nuts all the same. If they only knew the thoughts that went on in your head. Everybody has the gibbering madness behind their eyes. Some of us get better at not showing it. Some of us get so good at it that we convince ourselves its not there. It’s a bit of a shame tho. That spark of madness tends to be our creativity and our true self. The more we let it out the more we create beauty whether it be in art, writing or our lives. Oh some of it can be pretty strange and frightening yet the more of our madness we let show the more we become fully ourselves. It is not in the sun that we shine the most but in the light of our inner moon. For that is where our shadows contrast it. Indeed, they are inextricably wed.
Blessings, G


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Night ApproachesNight Approaches by G A Rosenberg


Saturnine Space WarpSaturnine Space Warp by G A Rosenberg