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Quote of the Day – November 17 2011

Two Timothy Leary quotes tonight:

The universe is an intelligence test”


You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind”

      –Timothy Leary


Given the picture I made tonight, Timothy Leary seemed a natural choice for the quote (s) to accompany it. Blowing your mind. Thinking outside the box. Going down the rabbit hole. Leaving your comfort zone. All beginnings of a quest that leaves you transformed. Very few people transform their lives doing the same thing day after day (assuming that thing is not spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation and even then as soon as it becomes routine perhaps it should be changed.  I have found that only that which challenges my every day life, which makes it impossible to follow routine can show me something new about myself. Only the thought that makes me uneasy enables me to think in new ways. Usually that is only true if I start looking to understand why it makes me uneasy. What am I resisting? Why is it dangerous? Why is it uncomfortable? The most primitive parts of our brain always tries to connect those two things, Discomfort and Dangerous. I want thoughts that discomfort. I want to learn new things, definitely about myself and always about others, how we relate and how everything relates to everything else.

Namaste,  GAR


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Mind Blown by G A Rosenberg