Armageddon Tired of It


“Everything had been going so well, he’d had it really under his thumb
these few centuries. That’s how it goes, you think you’re on top of the world, and suddenly they spring
Armageddon on you.”
― Neil Gaiman


There is a preacher who says that an asteroid will hit the earth and demolish the eastern seaboard leading to the end of the world in about three weeks. Many people believe him and there are several Youtube videos about it. Others believe the earth may end Oct 7. Of course this is old news. At this point in my life, it seems like the end of the world keeps getting scheduled and people keep talking about ways to either survive it or praying to God or aliens to save us all. Funny thing is the world didn’t end in December 2012, the Mayans simply started a new calendar. The world didn’t end Jan 1 2000, the computers were fixed. Yet still people await the end of everything and Armageddon pretty tired of it.
Why are so many in such a hurry to see things end? I mean this world has its problems. The infrastructure of most countries is badly damaged and society has to make changes. It seems that a few people believe that they can have all the marbles and enjoy a high standard of living at the expense of the rest of humanity and the planet responds accordingly. Yet by and large there are a lot of good things to be said about humanity. The awareness and compassion that most of us have towards the suffering of others is higher than its been in several thousand years as is the idea of basic human rights. Culturally there is much beauty to be found in every form of art that one can perceive. There are few of us who don’t have some form of recreation or pleasure in their lives. Yet so many seem excited and ready for it all to end.
For some it is a matter of faith. They believe that the deity that they believe in will take care of them and give them privileged treatment in the next life just by dint of their beliefs and irregardless how they may have treated others. Others are so disgusted by life on this world that they want to see it all go up in flames. Oddly enough this group includes very few of those who have it hardest through poverty or geographical location. They most often are those who’s main exposure to just how bad the world is is Youtube and social media where they interact with a number of others equally convinced that there is little worth saving. Many of them believe that life here on earth just doesn’t work for them and rather than find ways to make it work they want to believe that it will all end soon. Then they will be vindicated. Then everyone will see how little everything mattered and how they were prophets. They talk about wanting change yet for most of them that is all they do, talk. As each prophesied doomsday goes by, they find another day. I guess preparing for the end of the world beats learning how to live in it.
If only each person started utilizing their compassion for others and working towards a common good this world could be fixed. If only we were more concerned about being the kind of people we want to be able to interact with in our lives, clearing up our own faulty perceptions rather than focusing on that of others imagine the strides we could take forward (and yes I do realize that that is somewhat hypocritical given the rest of this posting, yet I am more concerned with this focus so many have on things ending rather than people’s reasons for it. One of my goals in this life is to be the kind of person who people will think its a shame when I die. I would love nothing more than for everyone to have that desire for this planet. Imagine if the focus off the majority of humanity was involved with building a world and a society that it would be a shame for it to disappear?
Blessings, G


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