Changing Viewpoints


“Most of us are only willing to call 5% of our present information into question any one point.”
― Ken Wilber


What if everything we know is wrong? What if the universe is very different than we have always believed it to be? Why is it so difficult to change our viewpoints? Indeed it seems at times that we go out of our way to avoid stating what our viewpoints are. I know that I have been guilty of this. Despite this reluctance, we so identify with our points of view that we defend them as if they were something precious, a bedrock to stand on rather than a coin to be paid for something clearer and closer to visceral truth. I will trade any viewpoint I have for one that makes more sense. If that makes me sound wishy-washy than so be it. I am more than my ideas and stances and more and more I learn what that is.
Blessings, G


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Field StudyField Study by G A Rosenberg


A Glimpse Through Purple CloudsA Glimpse Through Purple Clouds by G A Rosenberg


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