Ways Outside the Box


“The whole and sole object of all true Magical and Mystical training is to become free from every kind of limitation.”
— Aleister Crowley


We humans tend to find astonishing ways to limit ourselves. We do it through almost every social affiliation we have (whether it be religious, vocational, social or political). We do it by lack of imagination. We also limit ourselves through self-doubt. We are limitless beings and only by getting outside our boxes do we allow ourselves to see it. That is why Magical and / or Mystical training does such a good job of freeing us. By discipling ourselves out of the box and by training our focus and imagination we can transcend ourselves and find true freedom. There is no other way out with the possible exception of recreational drug use and that way is dicey at best. It offers only temporary glimpses and all too often becomes a limiting box in itself. They can be a good gateway however in terms of glimpsing possibilities as long as one remembers they are tools at best, rather like a double-edged sword that can easily cut the wielder as it does the target.
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Healing Transformations (Marbas)Healing Transformation (Marbas) by G A Rosenberg


Entering  the GatesEntering the Gate by G A Rosenberg

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