Archways at the Centre (January 2018)


“The means by which we may enter into communication with these atavisms of magical heredity through the Gateway of our own bodies may best be described in terms which are at once both mystical and practical. We are taught that the Primal Goddess, who is Life Itself, must be called upon at the Place where three roads meet. These three roads are the three states of awareness – Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping. The Goddess is the Continuity of Awareness – the State in which the Adept abides after the accomplishment of contemplative, ritual and votive disciplines. Beyond the Meeting-place of the three roads there is the Fourth Road; this is entered through any State of ‘Inbetweenness’, such as a ritually induced hiatus of consciousness or more often the State of Hypnagogia. The Fourth Road is the Trance State Itself — the State of Silent Knowing or Gnosis. The Sabbatic Teaching is that where the Four Roads meet the Power of Death resides. As the God of the Cross’d-Roads he leads the Aspirant through the Psychostasis of the Initiatory Ordeals, thus granting him communion with the ‘Living And the Dead of All Blessed And Wise’.
In summary, the instantaneity of Illumination is the immediate result of contact with the innermost sanctum of our own being. It is the unveiling of all past and future transitions of entity through which the Indivisible ‘I’ will pass, by the means of going to the ‘Cross-roads’ or Transvocatory Point between all Space and Time.”

— Andrew Chumbley


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At the Center (redux) by GAR


Worship (redux) by GAR


Archway (redux) by GAR


Words of Pain and Pleasure Spoken and Unspoken (January 2018)


“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
― C.G. Jung


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Yada-Misha by GAR


The Unspoken by GAR


In the Mouth of the Serpent by GAR


Blessing, Curse or Challenge (January 2018)


The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.
–Carlos Castaneda


Yes, I know I’ve used this quote on my blog more than once before. To me tho, this epitomises such an important principle that I see so many overlooking. Where we are and where we find ourselves in our lives is the present state of things. Were we lucky so far to bring us here? It doesn’t matter. What matters is where we go from here. Were we cursed by someone (enemies, random malice, the gods, demons, fate) and is that what brought us here? It doesn’t matter.
Here to me are the essential questions. Where are we and where do we wish to be? What strengths do we have to get from point a to point b? What is holding us back? What resources do we have? How do we expand our resources and our strength. How we got here ultimately doesn’t matter half as much as how do we move on with the challenges we have?
As each new day or new event arrives, both positive and negative things will happen. New challenges present themselves yet the questions remain the same? How do we get from where we are to where we are going? How do we meet these challenges? If we get caught up in the whys instead of the hows, it becomes a matter of blame or seeking restitution and ultimately brings us no farther (indeed the resources we have will be caught up in either blame / revenge or worse yet excuses and despair). Few have time for that bullshit. I know I do not


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To Speak Answers by GAR


Phoenix Rising From Destruction (redux) by GAR


To Put Out the Stars by GAR


Soul Carriers (January 2018)


“Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic”
— Salvador Dalí
“The difference between false memories and true ones is the
same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the
most real, the most brilliant.”
— Salvador Dalí


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Shadowed-Observer by GAR


Blameless (Redux) by GAR


Soul-Carrier by GAR


Watching Chaos Descend (January 2018)


“Dualism means to look upon all as black and white, which is viewed by Satanism as a cosmic delusion.
Paradox means to look upon all as something contradictory and absurd, but just as well true and real. Which is viewed by Satanism as a chaotic harmonization”
–Vexior 218, Panparadox


I have come to disbelieve in absolutes. As I watch more and more people becoming polarized in their views both politically and spiritually to the point where it seems difficult to not only entertain opinions that are contradictory but to cut off the people who hold them as totally and completely as they can. Less and less is there a consideration that two seemingly-contradictory things can both hold truth. I find the absurdity of this viewpoint to be hilarious.
Only a few years ago, people were quoting Bruce Lee “Be like water”, left and right. They embraced examining one’s views and self-reflection. Yet with very little effort, that changed. Never before have I seen so many people unwilling to move beyond their own limited sense of right and wrong. So delusional and so funny. Ultimately I don’t see embracing either the left or the right (either politically or spiritually) as being half as destructive as this unwillingness to bend, to embrace paradox, to be even somewhat open to other possibilities. It is the polarization of people and beliefs that will push us over the brink. Personally I would rather embrace the chaos of a multiplicity of viewpoints than the ultimate stagnation and destruction that comes from unyielding tunnel vision.


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She Watches in the Depths by GAR


Attendance by GAR


Sib-Li by GAR


Protection and the Hunt (January 2018)


Seeking the outer through the inner
recreating oneself anew
Using the warrior instinct
to find the way through
Girding oneself with shield and sword
keeping my talons sharp
not sure where this is taking me
my perceptions continue to warp
Conquering what is before me
keeping my will edge strong
for that is far more important
than a sense of right and wrong


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Eadha (Aspen) by GAR


Sea Kingdom (redux) by GAR


Night Hunt by GAR


A Variety of Experience (January 2018)


“I devotedly believe that the essence of my being – my spirit – is not truly a part of the universe, it is a part of Chaos. My spirit is a fragment of the Hidden God beyond the nutshell we call the cosmos; thus being trapped in a human body is only a prison in my eyes.”
― Vexior 218


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Vampyric Lantern by GAR


Kad-Nuk by GAR


Ur (Heather) by GAR


Being Burning Becoming (January 2018)


The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
― Charles Du Bos
and in that constant sacrifice to realize an infinite becoming that leads to apotheosis and ascension


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Onn (Gorse) by GAR


Witin My Cave of Becoming by GAR


Burning Reflections by GAR


A Communication Method (January 2018)


Here is a way, depending on your intent, focus and outlook, to either improve the active imagination or to channel communication with various entities using either tarot cards or art:
A) Take a tarot card or piece of artwork depicting the entity with which you wish to communicate.
B) Study it and imagine that you are there in the picture with the spirit. In your mind’s eye, see them come alive.
C) Continue focusing, ask any questions you may have. Either hear their answers even if it is something that pops into your mind at the moment. Record these answers, either writing them down or speaking them into a recorder.
I am not suggesting that the answers you receive should be taken as a clear channeling. As with everything else, test the results, use whatever your preferred divinatory method is to
get further confirmation. As with any other practice, the more you practice it, the clearer the answers will come. Whether they come from the entity themselves, the version of them you carry with you, your imagination or some other source may be determined by you.


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Ailim (Silver Fir) by GAR


Egul-Cala by GAR


Night of Hekate by GAR


The Darker Spirits Have the Best Humour (January 2018)


If you can’t find the humour and enjoy the irony in life it is easy to get lost. At the moments of despair, I tend to hear a voice saying “these are the jokes, man” and that has helped keep me going. Not that those moments come often and less so the older I get because who has time for that noise?


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Ruis (Elder) by GAR


Aspects of Need (Redux) by GAR


Harbinger of a Darker Spirit by GAR