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It’s Not Madness, It’s Art


“I think the only way to avoid going crazy is to get your story straight, and perhaps the only way you can get the story straight is to allow yourself in some sense to go mad. It is also true for mad men and mad women that everything is significant. Paranoids and schizophrenics and depressives deal with the world as if every falling leaf had – well, they take the world personally. That’s almost by definition a mad person. And I guess an artist has to do the same thing.”
— Russell Banks


I contain my world and my world contains me. It’s amazing how much I have to grow, become TARDIS like, bigger on the inside to be able to handle everything I’ve seen. Tho as I expand so does my world. New experiences, people and ideas come rushing in to fill me. I may not be responsible for everything that happens in it yet some response seems called for. Of course that doesn’t mean I have to respond. I can watch the show witness it…and then transform it through art and writing..yet still i participate and it changes me and my art as I change it… thus does my art and life co-create each other and at the intersection of art and life I remain.
“Between the world of men and make believe I can be found.”
— Dan Fogelberg
Blessings, G


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Seeker After KnowledgeSeeker After Knowledge by G A Rosenberg


Heart Drum MandalaHeart Drum Mandala by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – September 7 2011 (Shadows and Dawn)

“Anthems to glory
and Anthems to love
and hymns filled with earthly delight
like the songs that the darkness composes
to worship the light ”
–Dan Fogleberg (Netherlands)

Sometimes my brightest most hopeful thoughts come in the middle of the night. Walking underneath the moon and the stars, feeling the evening breeze around me I make connections and insights and feel most in touch and in alignment with the highest parts of my being. Most of my creativity happens at night. I can see her as Nuit, the eternal night mother from which springs all and which will sweep back all that comes from her…

Likewise Dawn can bring a wistfulness as much as a celebration…After all you cannot have a shadow without a light to cast it…

Acknowledging all sides of ourselves, the lift, the drag and the thrust do we rise.



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Night Shadow by G A Rosenberg

Aurora by G A Rosenberg