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Hazy Mirrors


“…even a mirror will not show you yourself, if you do not wish to see.”
― Roger Zelazny


Mirrors all around me
in every stranger’s eyes
amidst my lover’s thighs
in between truth and lies
and I realize
the reflection has grown dim
How can I see clearly
the parts of me I rarely
interact with sincerely
when it is masked by another
Could it be I’ve grown lazy
or my vision a bit hazy
out of fear that I’ll go crazy
upon gazing at my soul
I maybe somewhat shy
from my self I might hide
calm myself with the lie
that I don’t need to know
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Rising GloryRising Glory by G A Rosenberg


After the Tower, Before the StarAfter the Tower, Before the Stary by G A Rosenberg


Eurotrip 2014 — Reflections on the Journey


“It is necessary … for a man to go away by himself … to sit on a rock … and ask, ‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?”
― Carl Sandburg


It has now been almost a week since I’ve returned. When I left I had a goal in mind of making some decisions. I wanted some clarity on the direction that this next stage of my life would take. I had some vague ideas but no clear cut vision of what I wanted. I hoped that distance from the day to day would give me this.
I saw many impressive things on this trip. I traveled to Venice and Rome, Athens and Barcelona, cities that were somewhat mythical to me, a lifelong reader about places I had yet to see. I saw some of the most impressive works of art of western civilization and met many people. Yet still no answers were forthcoming or at least not immediate ones. Oh I learned a few things about myself and remembered others. I love the water and travelling upon it. Exploring new cities makes my heart sing. I have a knack for languages and love trying to speak to people in their native tongue and I love the stories that people tell. I love in-depth exploration of ideas and people more than I like skimming the surface in any kind of social way. I would much rather be a visitor to a place rather than a tourist. Visitors tend to be more welcome and less interested in seeing the sites and buying trinkets than tourists. I would rather eat in small roadside places with people who live day to day than in fine restaurants with other tourists. I am fascinated by what other artists produce.
How can I use those facts in a constructive way? That I have yet to learn.
Oh a few things have come from it. I love the masques that they sell in Venice and would love to see what I could do in that medium. I have a new idea for a set of tarot cards based on Venetian Masques. I have lots of inspiration for art and more motivation than ever to finish the things I’ve started.
All in all, as I sit on this rock (well chair) and reflect I find these things impressive and encouraging. Yet the journey is always beginning, ending and in progress.
Blessings, G


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Warrior MasqueWarrior Masque by G A Rosenberg


Night RideNight Ride by G A Rosenberg


Reflecting in the window of a Masque Store in VeniceReflecting in a Masque Store Window


Reflecting and Absorbing Self


“You’re just an imitation of what is around you, it’s just that you don’t imitate one person; you take bits and pieces of hundred people and make yourself.”


My sense of humour came from her.
Sharp sardonic reflections
on what goes on around me.
My logical mind came from two others.
The desire to understand has come from so many.
I got my smile from the girl next door
My personality is a matrix
of lives that have touched on mine
Each somehow reflects the spirit within while it reflects the world around me
My external being shifts as the people around me changes. Ive always been somewhat spongelike in that way
absorbing the traits and reflecting the nearby foibles
while somehow staying true to my inner being.
What responsibility does this give me? Do I surround myself with the best. No, I’ll surround myself with those who will most help me recognize my true being
sunlight and shadow and beyond.
Blessings, G


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In My Dream I saw three robed figuresIn a Dream I Saw Three Robed Figures by G A Rosenberg


Space CubeSpace Cube by G A Rosenberg