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Going the ‘Wrong’ Way


“Many times the ‘wrong’ train took me to the right place”
— Paulo Coelho


From the age of seventeen until well into my thirties my life choices could easily be judged as off. I did everything from leaving high school and home for half a year and joining a religious cult to hitchhiking across country to coming out to exploring as many different head spaces and points of view as possible. Oh for most of it, I was employed gainfully tho even then they were either jobs that involved travelling from city to city or sales jobs that I was vastly unsuited for. I also had a few minimum wage jobs and a few stints where I read cards professionally. Those, my family would look somewhat askew at tho they dismissed it as me being a ‘free spirit’ (as opposed to one chained? I would often wonder.) Still all of this wandering and exploring has helped shape me in pretty great ways. I have had direct experiences of the universe. I have met fascinating people from all walks of life and am probably more accepting and less judging of the choices of others than most of the people I know. If not for all of the adventuring I never would have fallen in love, gotten married and been raising children. I would never have had the courage to create and sell art or the willingness to explore my life and my spirit in so many ways. I have been blessed by all of the wrong trains I have taken and would not have chosen any other way.
Blessings, G


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Lord of the WoodsHern, Lord of the Wood by G A Rosenberg


InterspatialInterspatial by G A Rosenberg