The Road to ?

I hear the sound of the open road
It’s calling me to travel
It’s siren call beckoning
as it lies naked spread out before me
entreating me to explore its mysteries
and in doing so
discover myself

I have always travelled with the road
by thumb, or bus or train
passenger and entertainer
learning the lessons
only to be learned from strangers
Our lives touch briefly
1000 epiphanies gained
in the journey of one afternoon

You meet spirits on the highway
ghosts and gods
travel with you
giving both advice and warning
I’ve learned the hard way
that its better to listen
The road has a long memory

I will follow the the music of the road
and dance once more to its gypsy tune
Travel a sacrifice i had to give
and now I must replace
Lifetimes spent rooted
Growing, Seeding
Feeding the fires of others
while mine banked down

I was born the child of the road
and to it I return
— G A Rosenberg

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