Light Up The Grid by G A Rosenberg

Dualistic inversion
Moving to a higher vibration
Light up the grid and feel it work
Beautiful symmetry in 12
as 10 falls by the wayside
Look to and beyond the stars
and find a new way home….
Integration feels simple
tho gaining knowledge takes work…
not so much still learning
as learning to move
and movement through understanding
Since will is free
a path with love is key…
well there’s a lot more of it then there used to be
and farther reaching
the future discusses with the past as we flow…
the stars call and the answer becomes clear
seeking change and finding new paradigms
trading fantasy for a future in space
looking for ways to give
knowing that that’s how to live
serve the universe and not the ego
Now’s the time i find to let go
© 2011 G A Rosenberg

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