Doggerel and Water Meetings

Learning, Burning Churning, Churning Butter, Churning knowledge losing the curds in the whey you move so fine
the line is drawn, dawn, rising son with not a cloud in sight

Thinking synoptically, synoptical thoughts
making connections, networking, net working?
no then out in the sound

meditate, contemplate, see what rises to the surface
the cream? back to churning learning
stirring up consciousness”

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Beach Meeting by G A Rosenberg

4 thoughts on “Doggerel and Water Meetings”

      1. That’s fine. It seems ages since I spent very much time trying to make sense of life so doggerel is my comfort zone! Just getting along with things as mindfully and gently as possible has been my aim. I enjoy reading your posts but feel a bit inadequate to comment in depth. regards

        1. Any comments are always appreciated for sure…At the best I hope I’m writing in a continuous conversation of topics and ideas….

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