Quote of the Day – January 19 2013

“Art with contempt in it is always sour.”
— Spider Robinson


…and then some nights. It seems lately I have been able to work on being more patient and lowering my frustration level. I feel I try to listen to what people are saying and be understanding. Then there are nights like tonight where it all falls apart. Little frustrations get to me and any discussion becomes about defending my turf. I know better, really I do and it comes down to a realization that I have come a ways on the road but I am not quite there. What is my irritation teaching me? Most importantly of all, where’s the humour? Perhaps the most important question. If you can laugh than internal balance can be restored. If you can laugh with the people you were just feeling anger with, the situation quickly becomes defused.
Blessings, G


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Sacrifice by G A Rosenberg


Infinite Tower

Infinite Tower by G A Rosenberg

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  1. There’s nothing to be frustrated about. It’s your soul speaks and draws. And humour is a subtle and serious matter after all. There’s even such a phenomenon as irritated humour which can be resourceful and likeable. You say right and profound things. Keep on fooling us.with this tasty sauce. : ) Have I said anything gibberish? : )

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