Butterfly’s New Dawn

You people always hold onto old identities, old faces and masks, long after they’ve served their purpose. But you’ve got to learn to throw things away eventually.”
― Neil Gaiman


In the process of becoming, we often have to sacrifice a part of who we are to who we can be. Richard Bach talked about ‘ the butterfly being the end of the world for the caterpillar.’ This sacrifice may seem painful but in reality it is a natural occurrence. The more we try to hold on to our old selves, the more difficult the transformation will become and the more inevitable the change. Oh we may not become what we originally set out to, we may become that person who refuses to change but that was not who we were in the first place and while we may collect irony points, we just delay our full realization.
I will make the sacrifice gladly and will attempt to do it without fear. If I have to choose who’s bitch I will be I’d much rather it be the present and the future’s rather then the past.
Blessings, G


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The True HeartThe True Heart by G A Rosenberg


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  1. Every week remove 5 things from your life. Throw them away, donate them to charity, give them to someone else, just get them out of your space. Your transformation will probably be gradual but huge and purposeful.

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