The Power of Quiet


Power is often very quiet.
— Williams S. Burroughs


A Whisper in a quiet room can be deafening. When someone who normally speaks with booming tones can gain instant attention with a choked whisper. Power does not have to be loud or flashy. It is known by its nature, felt intrinsically by others with an energetic exchange. It is a matter of aural not oral intensity. Lay quietly in the dark. Let your mind float and listen. Amidst the echoes of the past day and the grumblings of your stomach, hear the whispers that come to you from your hidden depths. They are all too easy to ignore during waking hours but they will reveal layers of your being that were hidden. Not all will be reassuring and those are the ones that hold the most power. Hear what they are saying and understand the parts that you keep locked away. Those whispers are the keys. They don’t need to be acted on just acknowledged.
Blessings, G


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and sometimes I float in strange spacesAnd Sometimes I float in Strange Spaces by G A Rosenberg


Colour tensionColour Tension by G A Rosenberg


Wandering CatsWandering Cats by G A Rosenberg


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