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From Conception to a Changed Reality


“A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche


If we can conceive of something, it exists if only in our imagination. If we can imagine something then we can interact with it and learn what makes it tick. If we can interact with something and know what makes it tick then we can create it and make it real and transform our lives. This is true of everything from the concept of freedom for someone who finds himself confined to the idea of food for those who are hungry. Now I’m not not saying that people who are starving can think themselves fed or that someone serving three lifetime sentences in jail can easily free themselves just that the very idea of these concepts can change their lives. Knowing that such things as freedom or a full belly exist and are possible can change one’s existence. This is one of the main principles not only behind magick but behind every movement or revolution that the world has seen.
Blessings, G


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Volcanic ViewVolcanic View by G A Rosenberg


Altered PerspectiveAltered Perspective by G A Rosenberg


Shadows and Shoutouts


“Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow”
― T.S. Eliot

We conceive things so perfectly. We have an inspiration, a moment of clarity where something we wish to manifest is perfect. Then we go about creating it and it never quite fits that conceptual vision. Some line noise gets in along the way. This could be from moment to moment distractions or it could be that the concept does not quite fit our notions of ‘how it should be’ or even that we doubt our ability to actualize our concept perfectly and the doubts become self-fulfilling prophecies. Our own shadows get in the way. Of course the more aware we become of our shadows, the more we can take them into account and the better we can manifest. These shadows are never anything to fear. In many cases, it is our shadows that inspire us to have the concept in the first place.
Blessings, G


In the last few weeks, I have had two lovely shout-outs that I wanted to express my appreciation for and to recommend the blogs of both these men unreservedly.
AdamfromNorway (http://adamangel.wordpress.com) is an amazing poet, writer and artist (he does it all and rather well) and I find something to be inspired by and enjoy (he has great taste in music as well) every time I stop by his blog. His shoutout to me:
http://adamangel.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/shout-out-to-gary-grosenberg/ is much appreciated.
<strongStephen Dillard-Carroll (http://www.travelingtarot.com) has a fantastic tarot site and his explanations of each of the cards are well worth exploring. He used my Eight of Cup image and had some very nice things to say about Waking Spirals in today’s entry (http://www.travelingtarot.com/apps/blog/show/41147233-tarot-the-day-for-wednesday-january-29th-2014).
Thank you both.

More shootouts tomorrow.


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Projecting2Projecting 2 by G A Rosenberg


Bubble TeaBubble Tea by G A Rosenberg