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Truths and Lies


“All you have to do is write one true sentence.”
— Ernest Hemingway


I don’t know the truth yet at least part of me wishes to know it. There is also part that loves the mystery and the not knowing. I have known love and treated it badly and well. I have known crushing despair. I have also know joy. There are parts of myself that are rarely satisfied. I seek knowledge yet run from it. I carry contradictions. There are many whom I love. Hate takes a lot of energy. Annoyance is relatively easier. Tho the previous statements are all the truth as I know it, I wonder how many contain lies as well.
Blessings, G


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NevermoreNevermore by G A Rosenberg


Self-ConsumingSelf-Consuming by G A Rosenberg


Quote of the Day – June 8 2012

One thing: you have to walk, and create the way by your walking; you will not find a ready-made path. It is not so cheap, to reach to the ultimate realization of truth. You will have to create the path by walking yourself; the path is not ready-made, lying there and waiting for you. It is just like the sky: the birds fly, but they don’t leave any footprints. You cannot follow them; there are no footprints left behind.”

What path do you follow?
I follow my own.

Where will it lead you?
I don’t know but it feels like home

How long have you travelled?
How long have I been here?

May I accompany you on your road?
You may accompany me on your own which may be side by side for aways anyway?

Sounds good, what kind of music do you like?


the Stranger lands here
elven princess runs to greet
the arriving seer

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Welcome by G A Rosenberg

Starburst Fractal by G A Roseberg