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Party With Past Selves


“I’ve shed my skin so many times, the graveyards are full of all the people I used to be.”
– Richard Cassaro


Do you mourn your past? Do you visit that yard in your mind where all of the past yous (some passed as recently as the previous day or even hour) reside and lay flowers on the graves of those brothers or sisters that will never live again except for their echoes? Do you perhaps pay tribute to them with the knowledge that without them you would not be the person you are now? I love each of my fallen soldiers all of whom in one way or another gave up their lives for the present me as I will give up mine one day soon for the person I will become. It’s amazing how much affection I have for even the most unlikable versions of myself (and there were some who really sucked). Yet still what we have in common is knowledge of our transience. Each day brings changes in outlook and experience and there is no going back. Still, there are some amazing parties that I host in my mind where we converse and each one gives me some pretty good advice. Especially the younger ones who had all the hope and optimism in the world that they share gladly with me. I’d invite you to the party except that it would probably resemble a hall of mirrors to you and you probably host your own from time to time.
Blessings, G


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Abstract ReasoningAbstract Reasoning by G A Rosenberg


GamiginGamigin by G A Rosenberg


Within a Psychedelic PeacockWithin a Psychedelic Peacock by G A Rosenberg


Quote of the Day – April 25 2012

“Relax into the moment and let the universe do the driving. If there was a secret to happiness in life, I’d say that was it.”
–Jed McKenna

Five of us come upon a rock with that quote engraved on it in five different places. The 16 year old teenager in Connecticut, so very unsure of himself but so sure of what he knows doesn’t get it and scoffs pretending he does. Another, twenty-four and living in Boston just opening up to aspects of his personality he couldn’t before and that he still feels the need to hide nods but can’t quite figure out how to apply it. There is a thirty-four year old man in Toronto. He’s kicked the tires of life a few times, had some adventures, knows that what the rock says is true but is worried that things may get even stranger. The boy’s father laughs and laughs, thinking he gets it as he chases his son and their dog down the hill as his partner awaits them. For me now at fifty, it’s how I roll.
I’ve learned a lot from being all five. I still have many lessons from each of those younger men that I have yet to integrate tho I know that will come with time. The pieces are mainly there. Any needed I have no doubt will come my way. Tho as I type this, I feel bemused by the idea of seeing my younger selves as my teachers.
Blessings, G

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Pyramid of the Wheel by G A Rosenberg

Zev Having Fractal Dreams by G A Rosenberg