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Stray Thoughts and Random Bits of Starlight

Thinking about friendship
adulthood, mystery, history and love
Time an invention to keep it all straight
yet it is a toy that we reorder and rewind
so to show its unreality
everything taking place concurrently
consciousness sweeps through it all
i find myself walking through yesterday with a brief stop next year

a feeling you enter into when you know you can’t win
a gift a decision to no longer play a game
that you designed to lose
yet surrender brings gifts
among them larger fields
that playing never could

words on paper or on the screen
how can you express what I’ve seen
flying, soaring answers found
hope and light abound

we take our 3d creations and we hang them on refrigerators
we jump up and down excitedly
“See what we did, see what we did”
Source smiles

Water and fire am I
the starry sky and earth as well
I feel the mountains and the grass
squirrels running up a tree in my forest
mermaids swimming off my shores
and ships flying through my sky
I walk through future fields
on distant planets
feel joy in my heat
no need for thought
understanding is always there
i take your hand
we walk through the night
and share this
you smile
and i touch galaxies..

Which is better
Striving to love
or railing against those not succeeding?

How can an angry ‘fuck you!’
sound better than “I love you’
no matter the context
and how can so many find the two equivalent?

More Streaming Fragments

If we are limitless beings
If time and space are merely conceptual maps that we use
than there is a part of me that knows itself as being me that can travel in time
that sees me here
that can / is guiding me along to the point where i am that…
I can read and know people’s minds and hearts
i can heal myself and others
and I can know that i am limitless…

heart opening
light coming through
a glimmer
in a dark room that can shine like the sun

senses expanding
Gazing at Starlight
Realizing we’re so much more
transcendence occurs. =)