Mirror Me Whole

<h3“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”
― George Bernard Shaw


Looking in the mirror
making changes in my soul
tired of feeling like half a man
gonna recreate me whole


Make mistakes along the way
cause that’s just how I roll
seeking out my true will
make a diamond from this coal


giving my confession
clearing up my stuff
telling the truth about
the times i acted rough


seeking resolution
isn’t all that tough
Learning not to demand
more than is enough


shaping up my practice
finding a new way
of being with the infinite
living for today


Blessings, G

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Buddah ConBuddha Con by G A Rosenberg


Intertwined Snakes on a planeIntertwined Snakes on a Plane by G A Rosenberg

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