Quote of the Day – November 4 2012

“Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.”
― Alan Moore

Perhaps some of us tell our stories by living them.. Others by pantomime or satire. Perhaps everything we say or do becomes our story even in the smallest of chapters, the map that comes the closes to being the territory yet never quite reaches it. After all I feel pretty sure by this point that what and whom i am goes well beyond this life. This life yet one story within a far greater volume. A story I gladly tell even if Shakespeare’s Macbeth is right that it is told by an idiot and in the end has little meaning. Nah, I put greater credence into stories than that. Each one has some meaning if only that it is a snowflake, unique and beautiful.
Blessings, G

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Trump XX -Judgement by G A Rosenberg


Mandala of the Wands by G A Rosenberg

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – November 4 2012”

  1. Stories-there are so many varieties-all unique-yes like a snowflake-but that reminds me of winter and the time change-already colder-do stories give us meaning or do we give stories meaning-meaning seems relevant to me-otherwise is there any sense-or is all non-sense. love your art always but tonight the top one baptism and christ or are my eyes deceiving me is quite the revelation-that makes a great many tonight. wow. j.k.

      1. you make me laugh. i think it would be too painful not to have meaning. we need to grasp an understanding of our existence. something to hold onto or we are like a boat drifting at sea without any oars. do we wait until it drifts back to land? what do we do? drifting is okay as long as you have some means of rescue. to make you smile i found this delightful short short play last night. I will copy it here.

        Teacher: Why didn’t you draw anything in your art sheet?

        Little luke: Ma’am I had drawn it.

        Teacher: What had you drawn?

        Little luke: A Cat drinking milk.

        Teacher: Where’s the drawing?

        Little luke: The cat drank the milk and it went away and I took away
        the bowl, and its in the kitchen so everything is gone !!

        🙄 😎 j.k. ps. (y) if this last one doesn’t work it meant to be thumbs up.

  2. Life on earth has a story, part of history is ” his story” and I feel, we need a story to get entertained , a theatre for living a story, a hope to be a story( good one) and without a story..we would be sorry..for nothing to tell , nobody to lend ears, or mind to dwell..bid farewell.But..languages are made for this very reason..yes to be a storyteller ..those who can make others part of it are called , politicians, those who can make others fight for it are leaders and those you make you live again are poets, philosophers and thinkers..they had thought for us and we tell stories about them. I love stories :))

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