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A Judgement of Vampires


“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”
― Robert M. Pirsig


The din of a thousand words echoing
decrying each other’s faults
criticizing each other’s actions
feeding on the blood they sense in the wind
on the water
at their feet.
Yet in their mirrorless existences
for they cannot see their reflections
and will not reflect on their thoughts
except when echoed by others.
Unkind? Unjust? Unfair?
Perhaps only human
for am I not committing the sin
by naming it
by blaming it
by shaming it?
I will uncover my looking glass
and gaze into the water
and reflect on myself
and change from within
and evolve from without
and resolve to be kind
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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The Maze Reflects on Many LevelsThe Maze Reflects on Many Levels by G A Rosenberg


Enigmatic TotemEnigmatic Totem by G A Rosenberg


Tarot Post – The Aeon / Judgement


XX-The Aeon / Judgement (△)(♇)


Judgement -The AeonThe Aeon / Judgement by G A Rosenberg


A New Aeon calls
all in radient glory
New Purpose Awakes.


What does a butterfly say when it hears the call ?
I crawled for so long
feeling earth and bark beneath me
Kept down by gravity
then one day I heard a call
I followed my instincts
and found…
Ecstatic darkness
points of light
and strange dreams
within the cocoon
with strange voices offering guidance
New colours and tones
previously beyond my sense
Then an awakening
I could fly in beauty
with understanding and insight
which I could not have conceived.
I was born anew in wonder
and reached heights unknown.
New challenges were there as well
I have lived ever since
calling the sky my own.
Today I heard the call again
and I prepare to enter
What will become of me now?


Up to now, the Major Arcana has been about reconciling the self in one form or another. The Sun marked the final resolution and combination of ourself with our shadow. The Aeon or Judgement shows the awakening or calling to higher purpose that comes afterwards. In earlier periods, this card was called Judgement and depicted the biblical calling forth from the graves at the blowing of the angel Gabriel’s horn. This had the implication that one had to die and be reborn in order to receive this higher calling. With the coming of a new era it is known that life is ever regenerating and renewing and that Death is illusory. We are constantly undergoing transformation and being reborn. Thus the card’s new title reflects the age we live in now.
The word Aeon itself means a distinct period. This card reflects that in our lives we have personal Aeons as well as the universal ones. Periods that can be clearly demarcated from one another usually by some transformative event such as getting married, coming out, changing careers or changed philosophies of life. We may even think of it in these terms. This was who I was in that period. This is who I am now. During those years I was someone else. In reality, these changes usually happen more gradually over a period of time but usually there is one moment of realization or some event that we use that reflects the transition. It is these transformative events to which the Aeon trump refers. That spiritual awakening that once had, can never be reversed.
This can be a time of tremendous upheaval in our lives. Change is seldom easy or without consequence. Yet very few butterflies complain that they are no longer caterpillars nor can we stay in the cocoon beyond a certain point no matter how much we may fear the transition.


Astrological Correspondent – Fire (△) Planet Pluto(♇)-The Aeon like The Fool and The Hanged Man cards have a double astrological attribute, a planetary one and an elemental one. One of the reasons for this is that in the hebrew alphabet (used on the tree of life) the letters are split into three groups. These are the three Mother letters (Aleph, Mem, and Shin which represent the elements Air, Water and Fire), Seven Double letters (Beth, Gimel, Dalet, Koph, Peh, Resh and Tau which represent the seven known planets Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Earth) and twelve Simple letters which represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. It all works rather nicely. However since these assignations were made three more planets were discovered in our solar system Uranus (who’s astrological nature fits well with Air), Neptune (a planet with a decidedly Watery nature and influence) and Pluto (a fiery influence). Some readers, deck designers and students of the tarot have connected the three planets with the three elemental cards. Since there is such a close fit and examination of any correlation can bring insight I include both possible influences in this writing.
Pluto’s influence is one of transformation and regeneration. It’s energy takes out what no longer works for our growth and development (sometimes forcibly) and replaces it with the challenges we most need. This is seldom a smooth transition. Pluto with its slow movement works mainly on a collective level, influencing generations and nations (ruled by whatever generation has come to power) more than individuals yet all are subject to its influence. Pluto takes us out of our own individual shells and transforms us towards the good of the all. Pluto as the planetary ruler of Scorpio tends to have influence over male sexuality as well
Fire is the elementary influence over the signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. It is a creative enthusiastic force. It influences the areas where we are courageous and where we feel moved to action. The influence of fire may become a bit domineering and tend towards a sense of self-righteousness yet it is also that which leads us on to both creative and spiritual endeavours.


Runic Correspondent – Inguz (“Seed”)inguzInguz is the bursting of the seed into fruition. It is the taking forth of all that we have and awakening to greater purpose. It is also the rune of male sexuality and of transformation. This is done through an awakening of the inner child. The rune also deals with the realization of one’s true will and reason for being. In Thelemic terms, this rune in its highest spiritual sense would represent the Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. Other runes associated with The Aeon or Judgement trump are Berkanos and Perthro.


Path on the Tree of Life-Path 31-ShinShin Means tooth and this path known as the Continuous Intelligence breaks us out of ourselves and connects us to our purpose in the universe. Shin contains three spiritual yods or points (and resembles a trident). It is the path of dispelling of the final illusions of being separate self-contained beings and shows us our connection to the flow of consciousness that runs through all things. It represents the spiritual renewal that we can gain through our connection to the greater life force. It connects the sephiroth of Hod (“Splendour”) and Malkuth (“The Kingdom”)


When The Aeon card turns up in a reading it may indicate that the querent is feeling a calling towards doing something more or greater in their lives than they have up to this point. It may come after events have shaken up their lives and it is the realization that with new insights that they have, they cannot go on living the same way they have been. The querent may have the idea that a shift has happened and that they need to actualize it in their lives. This can feel earth shattering but empowering as well. These changes will not be easy but there will be a propelling forwards as if once their intent is set out, things will fall into place and at the end of it they will have a new life. The card may also indicate a respite after a very confusing period, one in which the querent can find healing and support.


When reversed, the Aeon’s call is still felt, it is resisted by the querent however. Sometimes this may come from a feeling of unworthiness. It almost always comes from fear. It may be fear of change or it may be fear that one’s new life may not be acceptable to their family or loved ones. The querent may be closing their eyes tightly saying “No, nothing has changed, nothing has changed.” Yet something once seen cannot be unseen and the force of the Aeon is so strong that it has caused changes in how the querent sees themselves and the world around them. Outer change will follow in time no matter how strongly resisted.




“Whoever has witnessed another’s ideal becomes his inexorable judge and as it were his evil conscience.”
–Friedrich Nietzsche


“Could I be living better than I do and healthier? Certainly. Do I live up to my own highest ideals? No I do not. Yet hearing your judgements upon my choices makes me wonder whether you ask these questions of yourself as well.”
— Randall Wolfe


At times I find myself dwelling on the ways I fall short of my ideals. I have researched diet, exercise and spiritual practice and I make progress in each of these yet in the jigsaw puzzle of my complete self, I am still finishing the border and gradually moving inward attempting to place each piece. It’s not so much that I don’t know how to go about improving my being as much as I slog against a certain inertia. Plus there are those excesses and time wastings that still bring me enough pleasure that I forego the joy that will come of giving them up. I suspect many of those reading this are in the same boat.
Tonight an acquaintance on FB wrote that he found himself wishing that there were more people interested in “what was good and true and right”. I find myself wondering if it is not so much that people aren’t interested, nor even that they don’t care. Perhaps they are working on a different part of their puzzle and have yet to start on those areas which admittedly can be a bit like pieces of blue sky or forest. Such puzzles can be tricky and the only satisfaction is that of completion rather than speed.
Helping others with problem spots can be fun as almost any activity is better shared and it is even better when the help is mutual. I appreciate anyone willing to help yet I have learned that there is little more frustrating than unsolicited help. Some parts of my puzzle I prefer to at least attempt for myself first.
One day after moments or lifetimes I will find myself ready to place those last few pieces. I will have reached a new level in my togetherness and it will be bliss. Then it will be time for the pieces to go back into the box as I go in search of a puzzle with even greater complexity.
Blessings, G


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AUGNMN MadeAUGMN (OM) Made by G A Rosenberg


Reflecting BuddahReflecting Buddha by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – November 4 2012

“Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.”
― Alan Moore

Perhaps some of us tell our stories by living them.. Others by pantomime or satire. Perhaps everything we say or do becomes our story even in the smallest of chapters, the map that comes the closes to being the territory yet never quite reaches it. After all I feel pretty sure by this point that what and whom i am goes well beyond this life. This life yet one story within a far greater volume. A story I gladly tell even if Shakespeare’s Macbeth is right that it is told by an idiot and in the end has little meaning. Nah, I put greater credence into stories than that. Each one has some meaning if only that it is a snowflake, unique and beautiful.
Blessings, G

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Trump XX -Judgement by G A Rosenberg


Mandala of the Wands by G A Rosenberg

Tarot Judgement (Awakening) Reading

Again–The idea of 1 (or 2) spreads for each major arcana card is taken (as are the spreads) from Rachel Pollack’s excellent book Tarot Wisdom. As often as possible I am using the textual definitions from Ms Pollack’s book as otherwise there exists a possibility of skewing the meanings to serve my own ends rather than get any insight into what the cards are showing me. Recently I have also been taking (for the minor arcana) cards some of the textual definitions from Eileen Connolly’s Tarot: The First Handbook for the Master. Way back when I started working with the cards Ms. Connolly’s Tarot for the Apprentice was one of the first books I used.

Since then, I have had a new insight. That if the goal of these readings is a greater internal knowledge and understanding these forces then subjectivity may just be the way to go. Still I will give Ms Pollack’s and Ms. Connolly’s definitions because I feel it may be useful for anyone reading this to follow along.

This week we come to Judgement. I’ve been looking forward to this one. In so many ways, the idea of waking up to oneself after being awhile in the ground or sleeping or however you wish to put it intrigues me. Perhaps. it reflects what’s been going on in my life. Part of me wants to figure how to take it to the next level. I’m feeling an affinity for this card of late….

1) What is the hidden question of Justice? IX of Pentacles <IX of Pentacles
2) How can I answer it? VIII of Wands VIII of Wands
3) What calls me to rise up / become something new? King of Pentacles King of Pentacles
4) What can I become? VI of Wands VI of Wands
5) How can my life change? The Hanged Man Hanged Man
6) What/Who will change around me? The Moon The Moon
7) How am I called to answer? Knight of Cups Knight of Cups

Spread Layout









1) What is the hidden question of Judgement? IX of Pentacles

“According to some you have all you need. Past life memory is silent, yet you know there has to be more”

“You are doing quite well. No need to confide. Eventually silent karma will be a reality”

“Do not isolate yourself. Look at possible new interests. A substantial offer made if accepted will change your life style” (EC pg 286)

“Self-discipline, achievement, the possibility to create a good life for yourself” (RPTW pg373)

Hmmm, please word your answer in the form of a question. What would be the hidden question of judgement?  How do I pass it on? If I have good fortune, what do I do with it? How can I feel worthy? How can I pass it on?  Also to me feeling gratitude for everything that has come my way, even the hard lessons.Also how can I be satisfied no matter what comes my way? How do I accept bad and good as being the working out of a perfect universe? Those questions echo through my head with this card.

2) How can I answer it? VIII of Wands

“Get everything in order. Be ready for action. Good news coming fast. You may need extra funds. cut spending.”

“Coping isn’t everything. You should be busy organizing so that you can move forward.” (EC p218)

Overall with this card , there is a feeling of rapid forward positive motion and plans moving forward in a positive way. and maybe that would be the answer to what to do with success and how to be worthy of success given, forward motion in an organized way, not striving but not stopping, leaning into the flow of the river so to speak and allowing the forward motion to happen rather than slowing it down…

3) What calls me to rise up / become something new? King of Pentacles

“Wealth, success comfort security. He may focus on material things but more with satisfaction and pride then selfishness or obsession”

“Grounding ideas in solid reality, speaking about what you know from your own experience” (RPTW p 433)

This card when it has shown up for readings in the past almost always refers to my father. This makes quite a bit of sense when you consider how much of what I have done in my life has been in response to my perceptions of my father’s views and opinions, of me. The fact that lately, despite what I have earned and done in the last 6-8 years fostering, etc. he has still been basically asking when I intend to get a real job rankles. The fact that he echos an internal voice of mine increases the pressure but again given the other two cards so far, right movement at the right time and appreciating my success with forward movement….

4) What can I become? VI of Wands

“Compliments and admiration of your ability bring you to the winning post. Time to do what you do best. Success and more”

“Are you doing what you really want to do? Follow your heart that is where your future lies”

“Explore and expand potential. Don’t get too wrapped up with mundane obligations. Spread your winds and fly.” (EC p 214-215)

Other meanings talk about well-recognized and hard won victories and indeed 6 would be the hear of an endeavor, so I will find my way to the heart of things and be triumphant. If I learn my lessons and use my motivation in an organized way that allows movement forward.

5. How can my life change? The Hanged Man

“It can mean being stuck, facing a painful sacrifice. ”

“The querent …may be an outsider, or with different values than other people, with no push to convince others and no need to seek other’s approval. Being tied to the tree means being connected to something outside yourself.”

“For people on a spiritual path, it may signal a moment of illumination or an actual initiation experience” (RPTW pg 155)

Two things come up with this card in this position for me. Sacrifice and being at rest or zeroed, in other words meditation. What needs to be sacrificed?  A lot of excuses and a lot of rationalizations, anger, impatience, any illusions I may have that what I feel has causes outside my being. Also a certain amount of laziness, certain activities seem to be kicking into high gear for me. I can ride the wave or get wiped out and have to jump back on my board.

As far as being at rest and zeroed, i find meditation so incredible these days, letting myself go into rest, coming out energized, inspired and inspiring.

Still, and here the halfway nature of the Hanged Man comes in, and the fact that lines and paths have infinite nature, no matter where I feel I may be on the path, I can look in any direction, where I’ve come from, where I have yet to go, and all the possibilities untraveled and see the infinite. No matter where I may be, it seems to be the zero point. I have traveled an infinite distance,  I still have that far to go. The journey already exists, whole and complete.

6) What/ Who will change around me? The Moon

“The Moon might indicate a difficult passage in someone’s life when powerful emotions or fears get stirred up”

“More positively, we can see the Moon as dreams, intuition and psychic development. It also means subtlety and sensitivity” (RPTW p.221)

Cycles of growth and learning, things continue to change, Illusions, myths, symbols and yet cyclical. This card would almost be worrisome, yet thanks to friends in the last year I have come to understand the Moon a bit better. I also wish to work more closely with these archetypes and am working a bit more on a course of study that will bring me into direct contact with them….

7) How am I called to answer? Knight of Cups

“Air of water could indicate the mind moving over the unconscious, stirring up deep feelings” (RWTW p 411)

“The Knight of Cups awakens the heart through the power of water, the energy of waves and currents. He is the lord of the deep places in each of us and the champion of our secrets”

Hmmm, I could imagine much worst cards in this position for an aspiring writer/artist to get. So is that it. Champion of secrets, the things we hold deep within us. Again tho, this possible link with the shamanistic stuff. … Still the journey remains interesting….