Exploring Your Space


“Each person, a gateway to another universe…we walk in and through as well as with each other both inviting and sharing in exploration and creation”
— Randall Wolfe


You invite me with your eyes and smile and I step through to the universe you inhabit. It is a bit unsettling how well I know it yet so strange at the same time. Colours and sensations that I take for granted seem to have acquired new hues.. THe streets we walk down have an unaccustomed rhythm tho I have been there many times. They run to your beat not mine… a bit slower and flavourful. I feel so close to you right now wrapped up in your reality as soon we will be wrapped in mine. I look forward to see what universe we shall build together….
Blessings, G


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Inner and OuterInner Gateway Through Her Being by G A Rosenberg


Flame Spider TotemFlame Spider Totem by G A Rosenberg

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