Elemental Love


“I guess all that’s left is to love the fire.”
― Norman Mailer


To love the fire
the spark that ignites and consumes
that feeds and inspires
and burns and illuminates.
To love the water
the elixir that fills and encompasses
that soothes and relates
and drowns and nourishes
To love the air
the wind that divides and discerns
that connects and describes
and spreads and communicates
To love the earth
the mother that loves and contains
that holds and feeds
and sustains and cherishes .
The spark of Fire
The wave of water
the breeze of air
the touch of earth
may our spirits unite with them all


Blessings, G


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Harlequin DescentHarlequin Descent by G A Rosenberg


Buddha SunSolar Buddha by G A Rosenberg

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