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III-The Empress (Venus ♀)


The Empress The Empress by G A Rosenberg


Mother Gaia sings
We dance naked in the woods
Creation ensues


Through her door i came upon her
and through her door the world appeared
Creation in all its glory
wheat, and fruit, swans filled the air
She led me through her magick kingdom
wheat grew high, and flowers bloomed
the river breeze caressed us
i tried to think but couldn’t care
for all i saw i loved and wanted
all i needed reached for me
the stars in her hair blinded me
and the moon laid at her feet
She held me until the morning
oh magic night lost to her love
and gained, expression imagination
fruitful creativity.
— G A Rosenberg


If the High Priestess represents the ideal feminine untouchable and chaste then the Empress represents the feminine aspect in full flower. She is full blown creative force and her intelligence is that of creativity not reason.She is sensuous and maternal and emotional. She inspires with a glance and ignites the senses. She frustrates and delights. She combines the active force of the Magician with the passivity of the High Priestess and gives birth to wonder. In every moment she expresses yet at any moment she will express differently. She is ever-changing. She is the spirituality of the High Priestess made manifest by the will of the Magician. She is the Earth mother;Venus and Aphrodite, Freya and Isis Unveiled in all her glory. She is the calm river and the raging storm.


Astrological Attribution-Venus(♀)-Astrologically Venus represents what and who we love and what brings us pleasure. Venus represents what attracts us and what is attracted to us. It can also indicate where our emotional (and physical) addictions may lie. We are most in harmony when Venus is well-aspected and when it is badly aspected our lives may seem cacophonous. Venus shows what we most appreciate in a romantic and sensuous (if not sexual) way.


Runic Attribution-Berkanoberkano-100x100
Berkano is known as the Birch Goddess and represents among other things female fertility. It ties in with childbirth, trees and the female womb. It is a rune of protection and healing, holding things in tight in secret. It also represents rebirth, motherhood and nurturing. Other runes linked with the Empress are Thorn, Hagall and Inguz


Path on the Tree of Life-Path 14-Daleth-The meaning of Daleth is door. It is the path between Chokmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding), the supernal parents on the tree of life. The Mother is the Door through which life manifests. A door, tho it offers shelter is inactive. It is what comes through comes through it that is the active manifesting principle. As such the alchemical attribute of both Daleth and The Empress is Salt which needs the energy of Sulphur to keep the energy flowing. It is called the Illuminating Intelligence and referred to as the ‘essence of the Speaking Silence’. Again this paradox of manifestation and inertness, quiet yet speaking.


When the Empress shows up in a reading, it may indicate that this is not a time of calm reflection but a time to go with the emotion. Enjoy this period of pleasure and creativity and manifest in joy. The card may also indicate that it is time to get outside and enjoy nature. For a city dweller, this may mean seeking it out. The Empress may also refer to a pregnancy or birth. When the Empress turns up it can also mean that it is time to express the nurturing side of the querent’s own personality but it also means that if the querent is being harassed by people that they can let the ‘diva’ side of their personality out and show others the full force of who they are. It is a time for full manifestation of energy and good things are coming.


Reversed the Empress can indicate that there are blocks to creativity and the expression of one’s self. The querent’s imagination may be running away with fancies that they are confusing with true intuitive imagination. The reversed card may indicate fear of ‘letting one’s self go’ because they cannot handle the onslaught of their own emotional nature. It may also indicate a time of emotional imbalance and disharmony. Where right side up the card indicates plenty, when reversed it may mean it is a time of scarcity where one has to make do with what one has. This is usually a temporary situation as The Empress is a card of change. The Empress reversed can also be indicative of hormonal imbalances such as those felt at the onset of menopause.


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