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Quote of the Day – January 2, 2013

“A poet is a blind optimist.
The world is against him for
many reasons. But the
poet persists. He believes
that he is on the right track,
no matter what any of his
fellow men say. In his
eternal search for truth, the
poet is alone.
He tries to be timeless in a
society built on time.”
― Jack Kerouac


In the physical, can we truly move beyond time? We acknowledge the ever Now and the ever here yet scramble to locate ourselves, for each moment perceived also becomes unique. No one is the same age as me and no one has seen this road before. With empathy and compassion we can feel another’s road but to feel it is not to tread it but to understand it.
I enjoy this ever changing snowflake now for the paradox it is. Being in my head may be painful at times but would not trade it for the more i work the manual for mine, the more insight i have into others in the here now with me. We all journey together on the same journey yet our destinations have already been met. I love talking in paradoxes. Paradoxes may be the only language that exists to describe reality mechanics..
Blessings, G


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There to Catch Should I Fall

There to Catch Me Should I Fall by G A Rosenberg


Infinite Amazement

Infinite Amazement by G A Rosenberg


I Move Forward… by G A Rosenberg

I move forward one foot in front
acting from my source
one step at a time
i can speak my truth
and need not fear the reply
or be dismayed by it
Where i came from or where i’m going is not as important as where i am
This moment..this place…
contains all of creation..
everything else is shadows and smoke…

stress, release into joy release into peace
i can enjoy this ride
tho take no passengers
everyone has their own vehicle
tho pull up alongside
and we can share stories
before we continue our journey