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Quote of the Day – December 13 2012

“You meet a new person, you go with him and suddenly you get a whole new city…you go down new streets, you see houses you never saw before, pass places you didn’t even know were there. Everything changes.”
― Samuel R. Delany


A new city (or country or universe) exists for each person we meet. I find that to be amazing and true. If we allow ourselves to be open to another person’s point of view than even something we’ve seen hundreds of times before becomes new or different. Things like a particular flower or tree that we’ve never noticed becomes something unique and wonderful when its shown to us by an enthusiastic gardener. Even the way we walk or the direction we walk in can change through exposure to someone else’s vision.
Not every country or view that comes from another will be a happy one. Some will disturb us and some may even disgust us. When that happens I try to get to know the other person and immerse myself in their world even more. There is gold there to be mined if only that of gaining new perspective on the land we come from. Of course there are times when the land another shows us may be too much for us and therein lie the largest lessons of all
Blessings, G


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Neon Flower

Neon Flower by G A Rosenberg


RaysReality Tunnel by G A Rosenberg

Oracular Vernacular by G A Rosenberg

I ask for direction
you give me dissection
of paths traveled thus far
and lines from the zohar
or some other strange text
i don’t want to reflect
but to move on
I need to groove on
what you have said

and yet in reflection
I see the deflection
of all that was keeping me
chained up, instead of free
such trivial woes
I know how I need to go
but to move on
I need to grove on
what you have said

I’ve been taken within
I know how I can win
my spirit  has seen a way
I can fight off this malaise
where doesn’t matter much
It’s more how I feel and touch
but to move on
I need to grove on
what you have said

A Different Kind of Reading-Bookshelf Oracle

Hi all,
Tonight I decided to conduct a different kind of reading as an experiment. I would ask five questions open five books up at random and take whatever was written on the wherever my hand fell on whatever page the book opened to as my answer.
The first question I asked was
Who am I in this situation?
I grabbed the book “The Writer’s Journey” by Chrisopher Vogler. The book opened to page 156 and my hand fell on this passage

“Heroes don’t just visit death and come home. They returned changed, transformed. No one can go through an experience at the edge of death without being changed in some way.” This has been a year of consistent change for me, lots of death to old situation and rebirths and definite changes..

The second question I asked was
What is directly influencing me in this situation?
I opened the book “The Tree of Life” by Isreal Regardie
It opened to p. 207 . My hand fell on this passage:

“Those who first leaned the names of the Gods, having mingled them with their own proper tongue, delivered them to us that we might alway preserve immoveable the sacred law of tradition, in a language peculiar and adapted to them… Barbarous names likewise have much emphasis, great conciseness, and participate of less ambiguity, variety and multitude. Experience confirms that the most puissant invocations are those in which are words of a foreign, ancient, or perhaps forgotten tongue; or even those crouched in a degenerate, and it may be meaningless jargon.”

This has direct application to my life as it doesn’t take much imagination to connect it to my most recent course of study

My third question:
What is opposing me?
The Book I opened was “You are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience” by Bob Frissell
The book opened to p 35 which reads:

“The truth is that the technological “progress” of humanity has proven disastrous in many ways. The steps we take to control the environment or improve our health by material, technological means very often create unforeseen side-effects that make problems for us that are greater than the ones we set out to solve”
Also something that connects up with some stuff I’ve been going through lately.

The fourth question was:
What is helping me?
Book: “Thou Art That” by Joseph Campbell
P 80

“Jung interpreted Mandala symbolism as grounded in what he identified as the four basic psychological functions by which we apprehend and evaluate all experience. These are Sensation and Intuition, which are the apprehending functions, and thinking and feeling, which are the functions of judgement and evaluation”

Last question was
What is coming up for me?
I opened up “The Illustrated Rumi” to a page that said

“I you he she we….
In the garden of mystic lovers, these are not true distinctions”

So this type of reading can be done with books, with music, with newspapers, the medium is unimportant. If everything is truly connected and reflects everything else, then no matter what you choose as an oracle, your answer will be relevant, part of the use of an oracle is to allow ourselves to be open to seeing things in a new light with a new lens to filter information through.