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Stars Fall and Rise

“Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars.”
— Victor Hugo

Watching stars fall
burning through the sky
extinguished dreams and hope
burned out years before
yet the sky remains undiminished
Infinite light amidst the darkness
for as stars fall in their cycle
they rise as well
in new arrangement.
My star self may someday burn
extinguished in its spot
through darkness tho a new light shines
life’s flame continuing.
— G A Rosenberg

Yesterday the first proof deck of the Waking Spirals. To hold the deck in my hands was and is an amazing experience. Oh there were corrections to be made but the simple material existence of something that I have created and only yet seen on screen is amazing!!! Pretty soon I will be able to announce the availability of the deck (and book) for sale. Keep watching 🙂
Blessings, G

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Watching in SpaceWatching in Space (Nibiru) by G A Rosenberg
Within an Electric WebWithin An Electric Web by G A Rosenberg

Freeing the Trapped Worlds


“A writer is a world trapped in a person.”
— Victor Hugo


What do you do to free the worlds trapped within you? How do you expose those inhabited spheres of light and darkness that never see the light of day? Too many of us live the lives we think we need to, going through the motions, feeling more and more numb inside. There is a teacher who loves to dance and yet few have seen her ever move a foot out of place. There is a stock investor who dreams of playing jazz guitar on the street busking. There is a young woman scraping to get by as a waitress who has the most beautiful paintings tucked away in a closet. These aren’t even the saddest stories. Even those of us lucky enough to express artistically keep the greatest part of ourselves trapped inside. Perhaps its out of fear of ridicule. Perhaps its because we are too busy trying to earn a living. Perhaps its because we feel our expressions to be too strange or not good enough.
Imagine what it would be like to free these worlds. Sometimes its just a matter of showing one other person one of yours. One other person can open the gateway to freedom for all the myriad trapped worlds. Let’s do it!! Pick a friend or if its easier a complete stranger and let them see your dream. Who knows perhaps that one person is all it takes to keep that dream alive.
It’s an easy thing to pay forward also. How many people can you get to reveal their dreams to you? How can you encourage them to keep their heart fire alive? To me this is a truly worthwhile endeavour.
Blessings, G


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Strange TotemStrange Totems by G A Rosenberg


Cosmic Air HockeyCosmic Air Hockey by G A Rosenberg