Tarot Card of the Day – August 30 2010

Four of Cups

Moon (☽) in Pisces (♓)

Geomancy: Via

There is something new to be had
I just know it
It comes into view and it will be better than
anything that has come before
This new cup
This new game…
Have I said it before
of each of the others?
I mean it now…
I just know the next
dream come true
will make my dreams come true….

Four of Cups  (Luxury) by G A Rosenberg

Moon in Cancer

Tho this is a natural place for the moon to be, there is an implication according to Aleister Crowley of abandonment to desire and weakness which introduces some rot into the manifestation of the emotion that comes with the four of cups…

Indeed in this card there is an implication of taking what you have for granted and wanting something ‘more’ no matter how fanciful…
No matter what you have, it is the new toy or gadget or game that will make us ‘complete’…
the next person we meet if that is there…the ennui
there arises a certain need to find inspiration from that which is around you….

Living Scripture

We are all living scripture
reflections and statements
of divine being
made manifest
by an act of will

Like most holy words
our message becomes distorted
but are gems less beautiful
because of their flaws
or the sky less perfect
when ringed by clouds

How differently would we speak
if we knew our words
expressed the whole….
how whole would we be
if our words expressed ourselves?

— G A Rosenberg

Conversation / Speculation

There are conversations
that we are not privy to
between beings who cannot be found
save through the doors of spirits wandering
or imagination

Beings both simple and transcendent
discuss their concerns
and we can but speculate
on the realities they craft
with their silent voices

Still our hearts contain answers
and our journeys take us far
perhaps one day
on the path between human and myth
a being will look up and wonder about us…

–G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – August 25 2010

““The great secret of succeeding in conversation is to admire little, to hear much; always to distrust our own reason, and sometimes that of our friends; never to pretend to wit, but to make that of others appear as much as possibly we can; to hearken”

–Benjamin Franklin

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Everything For a Reason by G A Rosenberg

Poem 93 (First Draft) by G A Rosenberg

No scraps from your table
I’m no dog upon your floor
I know that I’m able
to find what I’m here for

You showed me some meaning
You taught me some stuff
You spoon-fed me knowledge
Now I find I’ve had enough

We all have our paths to travel
You have yours and I have mine
we can be there for each other
we can’t walk another’s line

Don’t feed me your dogmas
I won’t dine upon your creeds
don’t manipulate my spirit
by appealing to my needs

My spirit within me
will show me MY way
stay seated at your table
I’m leaving today
–G A Rosenberg