xx”It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past.”
— Mark Epstein


If it is true that when we give advice to others, we are advising our past selves than I must have a lot to say to the younger mes because I sure seem to give a lot of advice and tho most of it is asked for I have a feeling I don’t have people going away needing more.
Perhaps if I look at what I tell others I can grasp what I feel I needed to hear and maybe discover some steps along the way. I talk to people a lot about not taking their situations so seriously and to find the humour. I also tend to talk a lot about when you’re in the hole, looking at the big picture doesn’t seem to help so much, that its ok to figure out just the next thing you have to do and then do it. Solving anyone’s problems is just too big. Helping someone figure out
just what the next step is is relatively easy.
I am also starting to advise more and more on the value of qualitative conversation. If anything you say to another person in your life seems to cause conflict than wait awhile before you speak. Who needs the conflict?
I can see how all of these things could have helped me in the past and perhaps how they can help me in the future.
Blessings, G


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Fox DreamFox Dream by G A Rosenberg


ContemplateatingCon-template-ing by G A Rosenberg


Art For the Broken


“Art is to console those who are broken by life”
— Vincent van Gogh


Lady Art has replaced Lady Liberty. These days nobody is quite sure just who ol Liberty will take but Lady Art still takes them all.
The Broken ones who show their scars
and the ones who try to hide them.
The writer seeks words to convey
the heartbreak for which he should be joyful
The artist tries to find the line
the colour that recalls last night
and he can’t quite.
The singer has the words but not the tune
yet the notes come one by one.
Lady Art is crueler in her way than Liberty. Liberty just holds you responsible.
With Art you need give a good accounting.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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At Rest in the ShadowsAt Rest in the Shadows by G A Rosenberg


Thanatos and RebirthThanatos and Rebirth by G A Rosenberg


Writing the Tale


“To some extent, mythology is only the most ancient history and biography. So far from being false or fabulous in the common sense, it contains only enduring and essential truth, the I and you, the here and there, the now and then, being omitted. Either time or rare wisdom writes it. Before printing was discovered, a century was equal to a thousand years. The poet is he who can write some pure mythology to-day without the aid of posterity.”
— Henry David Thoreau


Shifting through possibilities of being
learning to open and allow
my real self to emerge
Casting shadows everywhere
especially within
Losing fixed points
I dance to the song I hear
soon the wheel will stop
and the ball click into place
my present identity fixed
The author is revealed
for no one else will
write my story
and no one will be blamed
At any point I can write finis
leave the scene and start anew.
— Gary A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Night of HekateHekate’s Night by G A Rosenberg


Interseedinterseed by G A Rosenberg


Broken in a Mosaic Cut-Up Kind Of Way


“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re NOT broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.”
― Steve Maraboli,


I stand, a broken man
well perhaps not broken
but composited
by wounds from the past
unexplained events that made no sense
abstract dreams with no grounds
painful conversations
and disjointed memories that could not resolve themselves.
Still I am complete in my being and becoming
Seek not to make sense
I’ve earned my confusion
my defusion and my delusion
There is no need to put me right
wrong or out of your sight
I am perfect in my shattered becoming
as you are in yours
I just allow the chaos to show
and the reality around me to bend.
— G A Rosenberg


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BlamelessBlameless by G A Rosenberg


A Ruby DreamA Ruby Dream by G A Rosenberg


Word Rhapsody


“We connect with the Other on the grounds that they keep their distance, that they do not demand from us or assert their Being, but rather play the role of abstract/grateful victim. The perverse (postmodern) libidinal pleasure is one of having a relationship but without the relationship as such; without the Real in the relationship”
— Glyn Daly


Who put the real in our relationship?
Is there any tea in our quality?
Did we close in our closeness
or go too far in our fear?
Did we become hapless in happiness?
Did we ever get together?
could we stare our mysterious ways
or figure out the what in weather?
— G A Rosenberg
A bit of word play while I shit through priorities after a week of cut-ups. The cut-ups were fun and a bit of a challenge tho I feel I want this blog to be something a bit more.
Still we will see where it goes.
Blessings G


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A Glimpse Below the SurfaceA Glimpse Below the Surface by G A Rosenberg


Crow's JourneyCrow’s Journey by G A Rosenberg


Cut-Up Miscellaneous Duality


“I had always been impressed by the fact that there are a surprising number of individuals who never use their minds if they can avoid it, and an equal number who do use their minds, but in an amazingly stupid way. I was also surprised to find many intelligent and wide-awake people who lived (as far as one could make out) as if they had never learned to use their sense organs: They did not see the things before their eyes, hear the words sounding in their ears, or notice the things they touched or tasted. Some lived without being aware of the state of their own bodies.”
— Carl Jung


no evil,no good and no gray, just vectors of existence
the snake weaving its way through…
showing that there is always more than the reality we know
(shadow abyss… apple, strange fruit as we all hang)
there is power in each surge…every touch of the abyss shakes the bubble reality
“Have you ever found, when discovering a new writer who blows you away, a certain kind of mourning when you find they have passed? wishing that their insights continued tho you were little more than aware of them by name when they were alive?”

I am the ghost in the machine. The scent of honeyed seduction curling through my being

This is the house of the moon and the god forms are treated more eternal. Our job would be relatively simple, This is one of the rewards of playing around with symmetry. The role of the animal within is introduced alongside what are called “blocks to becoming” A becoming animal always involves
their thought. All we had to do was put everyday language into equation form and understand that the virgin whore is not simply a blend of the two poles.

Are we all Survival artists, surviving through anything life throws at us until we die or are we Non-Survival artists, each of us through our lives building towards our masterpiece of the life ending?


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Inspired SadnessInspired Sadness by G A Rosenberg


Reaching For the MoonReaching For the Moon by G A Rosenberg


Within the Mountains DreamWithin the Mountain’s Dream by G A Rosenberg


Archons ReturnArchon’s Return by G A Rosenberg